Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 12 September 29, 2014

   Humidity is not my friend... I am always sweating but luckily for me winter is coming. I can do cold but humidity on the other hand is no bueno. The food overall is pretty yummy but I still haven't found it in me to start liking kimchi but we will see what happens in these next 21 months. My pants have already started to get loose. My tight fitted suit isn't too tight anymore but my abs are still covered with a little layer of frosting haha. Most mornings I go work out with old people at a park so that's pretty fun. There is one old dude that is like my best friend and now every time he sees me he yells, "My Washington friend! How are you?" in a Korean accent so it makes me smile every single time. Also this week at English class was pretty funny we have one older man that comes named Tom and he knows very little English so he is fun to talk to because he pretty much mimics everything you say. This week I came into class and asked if I could sit by him in which he responded "you 싯 (pronounced as other word for poop) by me?" It was extremely hard not to laugh because he kept saying that phrase to try and implant it in his brain so he would never forget it. 
   I went to the zoo last monday and that was way fun. The monkeys by far were the best part. They were all just swinging around having a good time. Being able to swing like a monkey would be awesome. After the zoo we were super tired and hungry so we decided to go to our favorite pizza buffet. We talked to some kids on the street that could break dance so we had a little dance battle but they destroyed me. They thought I was super cool because I knew the songs they danced to and could dance a little as well. I bought my first Korean ties and they are all pretty sweet! I got 5 ties for 15 bucks! It was a pretty good deal if you ask me. I went to an American buffet this week which had most the stuff I love that I haven't been able to eat so that was good. 
   I have had a lot of really cool experiences and have learned a lot while reading the Book Of Mormon recently. Faith is like a seed and we have to nourish it or else it won't grow. Alma the younger got struck down and racked with torment for 3 days and 3 nights like we all know. I personally after reading that thought to myself that does not sound like fun at all! So now I am going to try even harder to always live righteously and be the best missionary I can.  After Alma's experience he was born of God and ended up becoming an amazing missionary by bringing many unto repentance. Lucky for me I am on a mission right now so I can strive my best to do just that. We have found a lot of people that are interested in the church but they always live outside of our area so we have to refer them to other missionaries. That has been kind of a bummer but at least we are helping the other missionaries in our mission out. I also learned of the importance to direct all my thoughts unto the Lord and cry unto Him for support and strength to help me through my mission. 
   We played ping pong before English class with all of our members so that was way fun and we are going to keep doing it before every class to make it fun for our members. One miracle this week was we came across a Korean man on the street and he asked if we were Mormon missionaries to which we of course responded yes. He asked if we could talk for a bit so we went over to a bench and talked. He had served a mission with a Christian church and was curious as to why we decided to come on missions. Then he went into how crazy he thought it was, out of all the people in the world, God knows him personally and loves him so much. He already knew a lot of what we were going to say to him but I felt prompted to tell him this. If we humble ourselves and are not selfish that is when God wants to bless us and make us feel happy. He gave us his number and told us to call anytime so we are planning on meeting him again. Walking home that night a man at his restaurant ended up giving us free ice cream after I simply asked how much it was. 
   Faith always wins. If I strive to be as valiant as Moroni I really have nothing to worry about because he was so incredible. Like my parents have both said many times I need to remember who I am and embrace it; my religion, my family, etc. We had an investigator call us out of the blue that we didn't even know. He some how found our number and wanted to do our 30/30 program where we teach 30 min English and 30 min gospel. We met him and he absolutely loved us and everything we taught him. He said we had a special light to our countenance and he felt so happy around us. We are going to teach him twice a week so hopefully all goes well. 
   Collin, the Korean that teaches us Korean, taught us and then took us out for 팥빙수 and man was that some good stuff. It is like a Korean shaved ice cream dessert with Indian red bean and lots of other yummy toppings. We had a stake soccer activity at Seoul High School Saturday morning and that was way fun. I also played baseball and basketball too. I saw some kids playing baseball so I ran over and asked to join and they let me. I played first base and then hit them grounders. After that they also let me pitch in the cage. Man has it been way tooo long since I have pitched. The next morning my arm was so sore. I could still put some cheese and heat behind it so thats good. I had my 12 week check up this week and that went good. I also had a check up interview with President Morrise. I asked him for advice on how to forget the past and move on. He simply said it will always be hard but that I just need to focus all my attention on what is happening now. Satan wants me to fail and will try and get me to think I am not worthy. He said that we all can be worthy but weak at the same time. We always have room for improvement and lucky for us God can make our weaknesses into strengths (Ether 12:27) if we turn to him. I have heard all this advice many times but this time it really hit me. Strength isn't free and a lot of repenting and work has to be done on our part. 
   One last thing, when walked to church yesterday my companion and I got scolded by a scary little 4 foot tall old Korean lady with a cane. She asked us if we were Mormon and we said yes then she just pointed at us and creepily yelled some words in Korean. My companion afterwards told me what she said and she pretty much said that we are a cult and a false church. So yeah that was kind of scary haha. 
    On a lighter note haha. The gospel is amazing and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to serve and hasten the work in Korea in this the latter days! #missionaryworkisthebest 
저 는 죄 가족 을 사랑합니다!
(I love my family!)

Elder Picard
피카드 장로

Buffalo in Korea, had to take this picture for my best Rigby family I love!

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