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Week 16 October 27, 2014 "Happy 29th Birthday Grandma Peggy!"

  Just want to give a shout out to the best grandma ever "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA PEGGY!!!" I love you a ton and appreciate all the fun we always have together, you are the coolest grandma ever.
  Well it is almost a Happy Halloween but too bad Halloween really isn't a thing here in Korea. I was really sad to hear that people don't trick or treat here because I was looking forward to knocking doors on Halloween and then being so generously gifted yummy sweets after we were to share our wonderful message about Jesus Christ's restored gospel. Who knows maybe I will get lucky :) In all reality though I don't need candy because I am already happy enough to be here sharing the gospel 24/7! The line of Nacho Libre for me has now changed to "I love my duties so maybe it is time to get some more duties!" Being a missionary can be hard sometimes but after receiving all of my wonderful mail this past week I have been really trying to always be happy. It is hard to focus all of your attention on the present and not let your mind wonder but it is something that I just have to figure out how to do. I loved all of my letters so thank you to everyone that sent me mail. I really liked how Dad said the thing about me always wanting to shoot the buzzer beater to win the game and how a mission can be compared to that. It can, in the way of the gospel being the ball, and the Lord has just passed it to me and is relying on me to finish it and win the game. So in this case, it is my job not to let Him down and do whatever it takes to not take my ball and give up but to finish. Sorry if that didn't make any sense haha. That really hit me hard when I read it so Dad thanks for sending that. Getting letters is great so if anyone ever wants to send me some I would be a really happy missionary boy! :)

   We had Zone Conference this week and it was really good. The overall theme was how lucky we are to have the Holy Ghost and how important it is. The Holy Ghost is super cool and can help me a lot especially as a missionary in where to go, what to say, and what to do. So it is my job to stop and listen to the still small voice and only do things that invite the spirit. I still have a long way to go on my mission and still have to change a lot about myself so that I can come home a completely different person. Change doesn't come without work so I guess I just have to have faith and get to work. 
    On Wednesday a member took us out to an American buffet which I think will be the last one of my mission because every time afterwards I feel like I am going to explode haha. After English class that night we had cake and it was pretty yummy. My favorite little guy in our English class made his mom get us cake to celebrate his birthday that was last week. On our way home that night we encountered a man that we were able to talk to and give a family history card to. He was really happy and interested in family history so we will see if he calls us. 

     On Thursday we had a good amount of appointments, for a mission in Asia that is haha. Around lunch we met a man who we called and had interest. Turns out he was more in it for the free English teaching and was already meeting with missionaries in a different area. Then one of our English class members took us to lunch and I was offered a job to be a celebrity and be in K Dramas that show all over Korea. It was really funny, we were sitting there and I hear these two guys start talking about BYU so I jump into their conversation with the very little Korean I know and turns out one of them was the CEO of a television station and owns a lot of the celebrities in Korea. Then he asked me if I had a working visa and I said I didn't, so he said he couldn't hire me to be on his shows. It was super funny and afterwards I thought maybe in 2 years I will give him a call and come back to Korea to be a celebrity haha. Around dinner time we met with a cop that wants us to teach his daughter English. So yeah if you haven't thought it yet, that is pretty much the case over here in Korea. We get a lot of people that want to learn English from us for free and don't have any gospel interest. It is incredibly hard to find people that are interested in hearing about the gospel. It can be kind of hard sometimes but man am I learning how to be more and more patient as I go about my mission. 
     There was a sale and Krispy Kremes and you know me I am all about deals like my Mom so I got some. It was buy a dozen get one free. One day this week for breakfast I wasn't really thinking and got challenged to eat a whole dozen donuts so I did and I will probably never do that again haha. It was easy but you just feel like a fat kid afterwards. 

     During weekly planning we decided that we were going to try and work really hard next week and set our goals high. Also we set a transfer goal to find all 100 less actives that are on our map! It is going to be hard but I think we can do it. I just have to start being more and more faithful and obedient and everything will start falling into place. One member in our ward wants us to baptize his family really bad and we were able to meet with him this week. We still haven't been able to meet his family because they are hesitate to meet us. He has a son that he really wants us to meet so we are going to try really hard to meet and befriend his son so that he feels comfortable around missionaries. If it takes a while so be it, but I will work as hard as I can to try and get his family baptized because who knows maybe they are the reason why I was sent to Gangnam. 

     I fell asleep yesterday after eating lunch and woke up to find out that our 1 investigator called and dropped us. My companion said that he called and said he was too busy to meet and didn't want to meet anymore. I was in shock and it was really hard to take at first because I thought he was progressing so well. After I thought about it for a while and my companion talked to me about how much it happens and that you just have to keep working I began to understand why it happened. Maybe we were just supposed to plant a seed and missionaries in a few years will pick him up when he is ready. It is hard not to doubt and hold tight to your faith when stuff like this happens but there is no reason to just lay there sad on the ground you just have to get up and keep working!

     This Thursday is temple day so I am super excited for that. Temples are the best and we are so lucky to have them. I am where I should be and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! This gospel is true! I know without a doubt in my mind that Christ has a plan for all of us and that we must never lose hope. Thanks for all the support it means a lot! Sorry for the bad grammar if there is any it is hard when you have multiple languages flying through your head haha.


Elder Picard

Happy Birthday Grandma Peggy! Thanks for always being there for me and making life so fun! You are the best Grandma EVER!!!
Had to take a picture with Pikachu since I am Elder Pikachu in Korea :)

Mosquitoes just love me here.
Elder Black and I in our new soccer get up!
My future awaits.....

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