Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 23 December 15, 2014 "Korean Santa was a surprise!"

   10 days till Christmas!!!!! I can't wait. Christmas time is the best time of the year and especially as a missionary because you get to talk to people about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ! I have really learned how to take rejection being here in Korea that's for sure because sometimes people just don't want to talk or listen to you. I know I am here because the Lord needs me here so I just do my very best to always have a smile on my face. Luckily for me during this cold windy winter in Korea once you smile your face is kind of just stuck smiling until you go into a building with heaters and your face can unfreeze haha. I am so lucky to get personal study time every morning and I have learned a lot lately during that time. I would encourage everyone to set aside some time each day to just read your scriptures and have some alone time in thinking what can I do better each day to make my Savior proud? I know as I have done this and really thought about myself and what more I could be doing that the Lord has blessed me significantly. 

     We taught a few practice lessons this week so that was good. I can slowly see my Korean picking up so that's pretty cool. I have really noticed a difference as I try and just simply pick out words I know from what people say. With just words and can usually make a good guess of what people are trying to tell me but the grammar on the other hand is the hard part. I will get it someday though hopefully. We met with a potential investigator this week but no luck. He didn't believe in God and said he only took us out to eat so he could practice his English. That seems to be the case a lot here so I have just kind of got used to it. We had District meeting this week and my companion gave training on how we can more effectively study the Korean language so that really helped me think about what more I can do to improve. I know for a fact that if I just keep doing my best that the Lord will put words into my mouth when I need them most like it promises in Doctrine & Covenants. I just have to keep relying on the Lord and He will help me out. 

      This week we went to COEX and saw Santa Claus! The crazy thing is the Santa wasn't Korean, he was white so we got a picture with him. My comp and I both thought it was hilarious that even in Korean Santa is white haha. Later on that night we stumbled upon a K-Pop concert which was a rather interesting experience. We didn't stay long just took a few pictures and then left. We had an appointment with a former investigator who talks a million miles per hour in not very good English and is hard to understand. The appointment went okay but he didn't have much gospel interest just the simple interest of wanting to know about America. We ran into these two old crazy drunk Korean dudes that wouldn't stop laughing at each other and keep telling me that I was so tall. It was pretty funny. On Sunday I had a good day and learned a lot. I learned more on the importance it is that I always have a serious attitude and act as a representative of Jesus Christ himself. I have always been a silly dude but I have been trying to save my jokes for the right times. In Korea, it is really important to always know how you act because the Korean people observe how others act very well. So I must always being doing the right thing. Korean has still been continuing to frustrate me in the fact that I can't express myself as I would like to. It is Christmas though so how can I be sad!! Lucky for me I have my best friend Jesus Christ who will help me through it all!! Hard times really are nothing when we let the Lord help us out and work through us. As a missionary I need that. I need to always have the spirit working through me touching all the hearts it can here in Korean. Once again I apologize for my bad English if this email doesn't make sense I am starting to lose my ability to use good grammar with Korean flying through my head. I love you all so much!! Thanks for all the love and support! "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!" 

Merry Christmas from Korea!! 
Elder Picard
We found Santa in Korea and to my surprise he is white, hope I make the nice list.
Had to take a picture as much as my family loves "Wallace & Gromit"
They even play the song "Gangnam Style" here we just watched little kids dance to the song, too cute.

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