Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 103 June 20, 2016 "Happiness is essential in progression"

    We had Zone Conference yesterday and hiked 남한산성. It was a decent hill but for sure wasn't a mountain if you compare it to any mountain in the states. Everyone there, sweats like crazy but it was really fun. We had some really good trainings and I got some nice tips on how I can finish off these last 3 weeks strong! I also received a lot of revelation on things I need to continue to do after my mission so that my progression of becoming who God wants me to be isn't stopped. 

    One thing President testified on is how important our ability to choose is. He talked about how it is a choice to be happy and a choice to be angry. We must choose to be happy and doing so will make everything go well. Happiness is essential in progression. So let's just be happy. Sorry this is really short but I gotta go! 

Elder Picard

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