Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 6 August 14, 2014 "Swaggy Tag"

   I got my Korean name tags and they are so cool!! In two weeks I will be headed for Korea!! It is so crazy. Time here at the MTC flew by! I believe I get my flight plans tomorrow and head out August 28. I can't believe I have been on my mission for almost two months now! Missions definitely are not easy and it has been quite a learning experience. 
   The natural man really tries to get you down out here and it is extremely difficult finding the strength in yourself to push it away! I have come to find out that the only way I can push off the adversary is with help from God! I can't do this on my own... We are so blessed to have guidance and love come from a Father in Heaven that wants us to be happy and successful. The last thing he wants to see happen is any of his children fall away into darkness. He loves all of us the same. I can really see that here at the MTC because there are so many different kinds of people and I know God views them all the same as me. I am not better than anyone. A concept that has been hard to process in my brain and realize the importance of loving everyone no matter what. We all have our differences. It has been a struggle sometimes to get along with my companions but like my Mom said love them no matter what! After all charity is the pure love of Christ. 
   The week overall has been a lot better and I am doing better with loving my companions. I can't change who they are but I can change who I am to adjust to them. So I must do that very thing. TRC was amazing once again! It is crazy how much stronger the Spirit gets every time. My brain is starting to think Korean so that is pretty cool. I still have to think about and run through my head pretty much everything I want to say but it is getting better. Sometimes I will not even think and the right words will just come out because of all the hearing and repetition of saying things! During personal study on Saturday I was reading out of 2 Nephi and had a really cool experience. It said that if I have faith and press forward with steadfastness in Christ he will make my weak traits strong! Which is pretty dang cool to hear because I am far from not having any weaknesses. It is really reassuring to know that all I have to do is have faith in Christ and He will help with the rest. I will learn Korean! It will take sometime but I can do it with God! 
   I go around campus sometimes during my study time and practice bearing my testimony in Korean! I am getting pretty good at it. Even if I say the same things every time, it is a start haha. Oh yeah and I am saying the Sacrament Prayer in Korean the last Sunday before I leave!! I'm so excited, it is going to be awesome! Korean is an amazing language and I absolutely love learning. The only bad part is that your brain can't take it sometime and you think it is going to explode haha. 
  God has been really testing my faith and the MTC has been an absolute roller coaster. I haven't been the best missionary I can and it is time for that to CHANGE! I need to be the missionary my Momma knows I am and never go away from that. I had the chance to be raised by two incredible parents and disappointing them is not an option!! I need to be the Elder Picard I know I am. I need to remember who I am and start thinking twice about whether or not things I say and do are appropriate for missionaries. It is going to be hard but like my Mom said I can do this with 100% obedience. 
   Richard I. Heaton spoke at that devotional Sunday night. He was a Mission President in Spokane! He spoke on how God knows all of his children personally and how you never run into investigators on accident! God has prepared people to hear the word of the God. He also said you can never go wrong with love which is absolutely correct. God needs me on his side. It may seem dark at times but God promises He will illuminate the way no matter how long it takes.
    On Tuesday David F. Evans spoke. He spoke on the importance of using the Atonement to our advantage. It is there so we must use it. Christ died for us because He loves us so we must show him we love Him by using His Atonement. God gives forgiveness and He is the only one that can. I must seek for that forgiveness. The Spirit will never leave me, it is me that chooses to leave the Spirit! I need the Spirit everyday of my mission so it is vital I stay worthy to have it with me. I have to stay within the circle of righteous and never leave it. 
     It has been hard not to get down on myself because of the person I was in the past. Thoughts of doubt come from Satan and like you said Mom, I can't let him win!! FOCUS ON NOW and don't dwell on the past. I can't change the past but I can change what I do now in the present. 
    The Church is true. God loves every single one of us. The Atonement is real and works. The Book of Mormon is 100% true and was translated through Joseph Smith by the power of God. I love this gospel so much and can't wait to share it and bring joy into many lives in Korea!! Hurrah for Israel!! 

Elder Picard
I got my Korean name tag!! I be looking pretty swaggy!
My temple wall in my room that has been passed down from older missionaries!
Me and my buddy Elder Haskell

​I ball out in my room! #ballislife

Elder Johnson, Andersen, Schulz, Warnick 

​My boy Elder Uasike! He is going to the same mission EJ went to but English speaking. Riverside-Cali

​Just another amazing Temple walk!! Elder Andersen and Elder Johnson 

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