Monday, August 4, 2014

Week Four July 31, 2014 "Keep praying for me"

It has been a rough week.  Good thing the devotionals were amazing! On Sunday we heard from Stephen B. Allen, he talked about how our main purpose is to find, teach, baptize, retain, and activate. At the TRC (teaching resource center) last week I taught one of Sara's old roommates from BYU, too fun! I saw Matt-U Gilbert yesterday so that was cool, I didn't even recognize him. haha! I got to escort and host new missionaries yesterday so that was super cool! It felt good being the veteran and being able to give words of encouragement to the new missionaries.  A sister recognized me and said we grew up together in Moscow but I don't remember her name, my brain is too full of missionary stuff :)
This past Tuesday John H. Groberg came and talked.  It was about "The Other Side of Heaven" and his mission in Tonga.  He had some incredible stories and I hope I have some like that when I come home. He talked about the importance of always bearing your testimony. Through what you say, what you do, how you act, how you pray, who you are and what you sing. He said that when you bear your testimony, investigators will feel the warmth and vibration of it and respond having felt the Spirit. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!  My work isn't done until each lost soul is found!
You all seem to be having a great summer! That makes me happy. Hann is having a girl, that's awesome! I'm going to be an uncle! I think we have a quorum of the 12 coming Tuesday!!! Tell the ward and everyone I love them and thanks for the support! I have the greatest family!
Elder Picard

My buddy, Elder Josh Williams from Vernal.

Spending P-day with Joseph Smith.

Since I won't be doing any biking in Korea I thought I should at least get a missionary bike picture.

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