Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week Three July 24, 2014

Every time i get a letter from baby I always laugh because they are hilarious! The MTC is just work, work, and work some more. It has been good though because I have really been able to grow a lot here. We had the coolest devotional this past week. TC Christiansen came and talked about all the films he has made and the Spirit was so strong there. He said we need to always be ready so just in case the Lord ever needs us to perform something special we will be there for Him. Faith has been a common topic in all the devotionals. Faith is something we must have at all times, no matter what! If we don't have faith we won't succeed. Along with faith comes work and without work I won't be able to learn Korean. It has been a struggle but I know if I devote that much more time and focus on it that it will come. I must always pray like you have all said. I can't do this on my own and need the Savior in my life to bless me with His love and help. Another really cool thing he talked about was that we MUST not even mess with the adversary. He used a really cool example on how anything Satan wants us to do wrong could be thought of as spiritual wolves. They may look harmless from far away and we are tempted to get closer and closer but we can't let that happen! We must keep our distance and stay far away from these spiritual wolves. I wasn't the best kid before I left and I really regret who I was at times... being here at the MTC has really struck me of how powerful the Atonement is! I know at times it may be hard to forget things I've done wrong but through ALL the Savior suffered for me I am able to feel clean and worthy to be out here. It is the most amazing feeling you could ever possibly have!! The Atonement is real and I am forever indebted to my Lord and all he has done for me. This mission isn't my mission but His!! I know if I have faith in Him that in some way He will use me to bring others unto Him. I am an instrument in the hands of the Lord and I must at all times know what that means and what I have to do to be an effective one! I need the pure love of Christ in me and all my investigators will be able to sense it. I don't teach, the Spirit teaches!! 
On Tuesday we had another good devotional. Stanley G. Ellis and family spoke to us. They had a lot of good stuff to say but what I thought was most important about their message is that we be the hope! I am the hope. No matter where I am people will always lose faith. So it is my job to not fall down that path but to always be the hope. Another cool analogy is that they depicted Christ's work as a bullet train going in one direction, never backwards or to never stop. Nothing can stop it. I must remain on this train because if I get off, it is NOT coming back for me. We need to have it in ourselves to have the strength and the testimony never to leave the train! I know for a fact my ENTIRE family does so I am not worried. The process has only began for me but my goal out of this mission is to become fully converted!! None of my investigators will feel the Spirit in me as I teach if I am not fully converted. It will take a lot of hard work but I'm willing to do whatever it takes! 
I still get tired a lot but as I go on i will get used to it. I'm trying to finish the Book of Mormon quickly here either before I leave or shortly after. I need to know all that I can when I get out in the field!!  Last night I got to lead a welcome meeting with the new missionaries. It was an hour long where we just talked about the MTC and rules. At the end I was able to bear my testimony in Korean! Seeing all those new missionaries look at me like they did was the best feeling. After just 3 weeks I can bare my testimony in Korean!! Thats crazy and I need to see how far I have come and not get down on myself. I also got to say the closing prayer, I felt so cool being able to say it in Korean. All of the new missionaries thought it was sooo cool! The spirit was so strong last night and it is my job to be a leader, the best leader I can, to these new elders and sisters! They will look up to me and I must realize the importance of how vital it is I only do and say things Christ would. 
I really appreciate all the emails!! I love you all soooo much!! Sara, EJ, Hanna, and Elizabeth are the best siblings ever!!! My parents are pretty aweshum too!! Gus is a good gradumater boy! I also have the missionary purpose memorized in Korean! Those were some sweet Jordan booties! Their baby is going to be so cute!! 
Elder Picard

Elder Ian Hullinger, best buddy from Virginia. 

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