Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week One July 10, 2014 Our first email

My companion is 6'5" too, we are the twin towers. The mission is awesome but of course satan is always present and tries to discourage me. I'm doing my best to become fully converted into the work but I'm just struggling on how to do so. You guys are the best and thanks for being such an amazing family! Elder Andersen came and spoke at the Tuesday Devotional and it was awesome!!! He told us about how we need to become fully converted until we can convert others and also that we need to be still and listen to promptings of the Spirit. My district is pretty awesome and we have a great time together. I need to do better about knowing this isn't my mission but as I'm here I will continue to do the best I can and improve. I saw Braden Chamberlain from Vernal and me and bricks friend from EFY man dime today so that was pretty awesome! Lessons are going good but Korean is HARD!! I can already read but I just have to keep trying my best because the Spirit will help me! We teach fake lessons to Korean investigators like role plays and after 4 lessons we already committed her to baptism. The Spirit is so strong here but I need to take the time to listen. It is really tiring and I fall asleep during class but as my body adjusts I should start being more alert! I LOVE YOU GUYS thanks for being aweshum!!! Love Elder Picard

P.S. I sent some pictures so hopefully you got them!! Pday was awesome! Hope you had fun at the lake!! Im just over here in the MTC trying to do my best and devote my mission to Him because after all it is His not mine!! I just cant wait to go to Korea and teach the people but I kinda have to learn Korean first :( It is gonna be awesome!!! The devotionals and stuff here are sooo great!! Every Sunday we get to watch a movie or a cool talk so thats awesome. The food here is nummy and i have fallen in love with the wraps <3

​This is my companion Elder Butterfield, him is from Boise.
His missionary name tag, in Korean "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"

My District

Elder Braden Chamberlain from Vernal, Utah.

He sent us this laundry picture, he loves to be clean so we posted it!

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