Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 19 November 17, 2014 "Hard week, learned lots, suggestions please"

    Well another week in Gangnam is in the books! This was definitely one of my harder weeks and we didn't have to much success but I have learned a lot this week. We had pretty much all of our appointments cancel on us and still don't have a single investigator. So yeah lately it has been extremely hard not to lose faith. I still have a long ways to go out here so maybe God just wants me to start now in working the very hardest I can in taking every single minute as seriously as I should be. It is really exhausting and tiring to work like that out here but this week I am going to try hard and do the very thing which the Lord whats me to do and WORK without complaining. If anyone has suggestions on how to lose myself in the work I would love to hear all of your thoughts. I have also learned a lot this week on obedience and am continuing to get better and better at it so thats good. It definitely isn't easy sometimes and you honestly have to tell yourself who cares if I want to do something one way, The Lord has a certain way He wants all things to be done so I must do it His way! Rules are rules out here in the field and they are put there to keep my safe. Missions are tough and my advice to everyone in preparation for your mission is to start now in following all the rules you can. If you discipline yourself now when you get out into the field it will be a lot easier for you. Always remember to stay in bounds because the Lord needs you on His team and he is counting on all of us to do our part! Lucky for us we have the Atonement which can save us in times where we happen to go out of bounds. From all of my life experiences, at my old age of 19, I would just advise everyone to stay as far in bounds as you possibly can because when you check out of the game it is hard to get back in. The Lord loves all of us so much and He deserves our very best. Sorry if that didn't make sense I am typing fast and also have Korean in my head haha. One more thing I would like the Saltese Ward youth to know, actually all youth, make sure and PAY ATTENTION in seminary!! I didn't do it as much as I should of and I regret not taking it seriously. Listen and focus in class, read the scriptures, doing everything you are assigned to do. Even if it takes time and hard work, DO IT! I promise it will pay off and it will help you a lot in your life and immensely when you get out here in the mission field. 

      One of Elder Hastriter's old friends from a previous ward he served in was in Gangnam and he took us and bought us snacks then got us dinner so that was nice. I taught a few practices lessons this week and I can slowly see my Korean progress so that is pretty sweet. I called every single one of our potential investigators in our phone and didn't get a single appointment out of it but got a lot of Korean practice in so that was nice. I read a talk Elder Hastriter gave me on how to become a consecrated missionary which was really good. It talked on how you have to make it so you are anxious to obey and make obedience your nature. This week during personal study I read a lot of conference talks and man aren't conference talks the best!! From learning how to shallow up my pride to becoming humble, submissive, and meek for the themes of the talks I read. They were all really good and I learn so much when I read them. I found out this week that in my ward right now we have the oldest priesthood holder living in Korea in our ward and also the first person baptized in Korea in our ward so that was pretty cool to find out. 

       We met this man and a woman at a coffee shop this week to talk about the Book of Mormon and our beliefs. Our discussion went well but then started to feel weird when we found out that the lady was a fortune teller and also apparently a high priest haha. We did how to begin teaching with them and then left. Lucky for us she didn't try to tell our fortune or do anything weird haha. We went to a members house for dinner and had a great time. We taught the dad a practice lesson and then had ice cream which was really good. 

       I went on an exchange with the ZLs because my companion is DL. The exchange went well and I was trained on humility and charity and I learned a lot of good stuff. I must become fully converted and when I do the Lord will bless me with strength! I can't expect the people I teach to become converted if I am not so I must be. On Saturday I went to this Music Festival at the Stake Center where the Relief Society sang songs and did dances and stuff. It was super funny to watch and I had a great time. Koreans are crazy and definitely party in a unique way. Afterwards they fed us and then we headed home. Yesterday we had a ward lunch after church which was really yummy. Then later that night we went to the 최's for FHE and dinner. My companion shared the message and it was on service then I was asked to bare my testimony. As I started I hit a wall and was at a loss of words. The Spirit was really strong and as I fought back tears I tried to share a meaningful testimony with the very little Korean vocab I have. They thanked me for it and I said sorry my Korean isn't better haha. That day will come though and I can't wait when I can speak Korean well. I showed them our family's cruise video which they loved and then I also showed them the video of when Billy Mills won the Olympics because they wanted to see after they look through my photo album and saw the picture of him. My familly is great and I sure do miss you all. Transfer calls are this Saturday so we will see where I go next or if I stay in Gangnam. Whenever I go is where the Lord needs me to be so I will be happy with whatever happens. Serving in Korea is great and I love sharing the happiness I receive through this gospel to all the Korean people!!

Elder Picard

My cool shades I found at the 최's
My buddy 김기범 
You know you are in Korean when you eat a ward dinner on a ping pong table

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