Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 21 December 1, 2014 "Korean primary program was the best one yet!"

    I can't believe I am already in my third transfer and it's December!! Christmas is right around the corner! I love Christmas and will miss being able to watch all of my favorite Christmas movies and partying with my family. I get to have a Christmas in Gangnam which I guess is pretty cool. It will be my first Christmas in the field and I will only have 1 more! My Korean is slowly getting better and the more I push myself and force myself to think of what I want to say in Korean before I say it in English I can usually do a lot better than I give myself credit for. I still can't understand very well but that will come soon hopefully. Since I am done being a greenie my greenie breaker, new companion, is Elder Knapp. He is from Provo, Utah and has 8 siblings. His dad also looks like he could be in Duck Dynasty so that's pretty cool. He is way chill and we get along well. It is crazy how the Lord knows who exactly needs to be my companion and with the Holy Ghost influences my mission president to put me with the right person. He is way funny and we are constantly laughing so it is really hard not to smile. Which is good because I would rather be happy than angry. 

    For our last hurrah dinner with Elder Hastriter and the other missionaries that left two of our English class students took us to On the Border and we got Mexican food!!! It was way good and the whole time being there I couldn't help but think of my crazy both who served Spanish speaking. It honestly felt like I was in Mexico with all the Mexican music they were playing. It was way fun and I even ordered in Spanish but the waitress was Korean so she didn't understand. I guess I just thought since I was at a Mexican restaurant people knew Spanish but that was definitely not the case haha. She looked at me like I was crazy then I just ordered in Korean and she was like ohhh and understood me. 

    So one night this week we were out looking for less actives and we had no luck in finding them. I saw lights up this hill and was curious as to what was up there so we walked up the hill. When we got to the top I saw the biggest workout park I have seen in Korean it was crazy. They even had bench presses with bars and everything! We then met this guy there who was like 69 but in way good shape who we started talking to then he wanted us to follow him around so he could show us some of his exercises. He had some pretty crazy exercises and it was hard not to laugh. He was a super nice man and we ended up being able to give him a Book of Mormon so that was pretty awesome. We were supposed to go and work out with him the next day in shorts because we were wearing suits the first time but it was raining and he canceled on us but who knows maybe we will go with him later sometime. After that I noticed they had some badminton courts so we went up there. I asked these 2 old ladies if I could play and at first they turned me down because of what I was wearing and thought I was crazy to play in a suit but then one of them ended up playing with me. It was way fun and I never thought badminton was that fun haha. While I played my companion was talking to the other lady about our church and just being friendly. Everyone at those badminton courts was staring at me like they had never seen a big white dude play badminton before so that was funny. I finished playing and as we were trying to leave one of the old ladies start playing this Korean polka music and started dancing so I decided to jump in and dance next to her. It was way fun. They were both Christian so we had a good talk about what we believe which was good. They wouldn't stop talking to us but finally we managed to leave by saying we had another appointment haha. 

     Yesterday was the Primary Program and man was that entertaining!! The 6 primary kids we have are so cute and hilarious. It was by far the best primary program I have ever seen, sooo funny. Korea definitely just lets their kids have fun for the primary program and doesn't make it too serious. They sang, recited stuff, and even did a skit!! Afterwards they went around the congregation and gave us all treats! It was awesome America needs to take some notes and start handing out treats. We had a member bring a coworker to church as a referral which was a miracle! We finally got an actual investigator to teach. We taught her with 2 ward members and the lesson went really well. We are going to teach her again next week after church and now we finally have an investigator again!! Gangnam has been way slow and finding an investigator doesn't happen to much so that was a huge miracle. Later that night we went over to the Cho's for a late Thanksgiving dinner party with a bunch of their English branch friends and the 2 English branch sisters. They didn't have turkey but I am not complaining because they had chicken! Everything was really good. I got to share the spiritual message and I shared it on Elder Wong's talk from this past general conference. I really highlighted on what he said at the end of his talk when he said, "When we assist Him in His mission of saving souls, we too will be rescued in the process." Which is absolutely right. We should constantly be looking to serve and help others. Lucky for me I get to do that every day. When we show our love for others Jesus Christ will be happy and bless our lives. So in this case always be willing to help others because in the long run you too will be helped/rescued by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! You never know what a simple hi can do or how far a single Book of Mormon can travel. Chain reactions are real and we as members of this church should look for all the ways we can to share the gospel with everyone. Even if you don't have a badge on your chest you can still be a missionary!

   Elder Black and I were the only ones to stay in Gangnam. Now we have two new elders in our house that are both pretty cool!! They are my new companion, Elder Knapp, and Elder Hegewald. We all get along really well so that's good and I look forward to serving with all of them. We will see what happens next transfer but who knows maybe there is a lot more I need to do in Gangnam. Yep so that was my week. 

Elder Picard

The Christmas of Love Tree
My new companion, Elder Knapp from Provo, Utah.
"On The Border" the waitresses don't speak Spanish. 
I dedicate this MJ move to all those who love watching me dance!
This leave is almost as big as me :)

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