Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 32 February 16, 2015 "Goodbye Gangnam, Hello Shi Hung"

    Well we got transfer calls and I guess it is time for me to leave Gangnam... :( Gangnam has been a great area and I definitely grew to love it. Don't get me wrong it was hard at times but I learned so much being here and look forward to see what The Lord has in store for me in my next area. I will be going to Shi Hung and my new companion will be Elder Williamson. The funny thing is my new comp has been comps with Elder Knapp and Elder Black before so that is kind of crazy. My new area from what I here is country and by definition from other missionaries, "actual Korea." It for sure will be weird going to a new area and not knowing anything but it will all be for the best. I haven't been speaking Korean too much because it is hard and I got lazy sometimes but this next transfer I am going to try really hard and speak as much Korean as possible. The fact that a lot of people in Gangnam speak English for sure didn't help my Korean either though haha. I just got to try my absolute hardest and the Lord will bless me with the Korean speaking ability that I need. It may not come as fast as I want it to but I know it will. It is so weird to think I am already going on my 5th transfer here in Korea. Time just gets faster and faster so it is probably time to not worry about me and having fun and get to work!

     We started the week off strong Elder Knapp and I did. The reason being is because we managed to get separated in the subway and I was by myself for like 20 minutes. It was way weird to not be with my companion and kind of scary haha. How we got separated was we had just went shopping at Costco so I was carrying a big box of food home and when we went to get on the train in the subway station Elder Knapp got on but then the doors closed and I couldn't manage to squeeze through with the big box I was carrying. I was like uh oh what do I do but then I remembered that if that incident ever happens you just get on the next train and your companion should be at the next stop waiting for you. Luckily he was there. We had a good laugh about what happened and now I know what it feels like to get separated from a companion on your mission. We got to meet our investigator 박신준 this week. He took us out for 삼겹살 and the sister missionaries that referred him to us also came along. We had a good time and were able to share with him a quick message. He asked us to always pray for him so of course we have been. We have been trying to get him to pray too but I don't think he has yet. His time will come though I know it. The Lord works in marvelous ways and on His own time so we just have to wait with faith. 

       One day this week we managed to teach 3 lessons in just that day. Remember I am not in South America, I am in Korea and 3 lessons in a day is pretty high. One was with a member that we met for lunch and then a guy randomly called us wanting to meet at the church! Something like this rarely ever happens so we rushed over to the church to meet him. He had met missionaries at temple square and just had a bunch of questions about the church. He had even read some of the B of M but said it was really hard to understand. We definitely weren't planning on teaching him so much but he just kept asking us questions so of course we answered. We pretty much taught everything we believe... so it was probably a lot for him to take in. Hopefully his mind wasn't to blown and E, Knapp and his new comp will be able to meet him again. Our last lesson we taught was with another referral we got and actually ended up having to referral him again because he wasn't in our area. We ate with him at McDs and taught him a bit but he didn't seem too interested. We got his information to the 서초 missionaries and they already set up an appointment to meet him again! 

        Well since I am a missionary I can't have a valentine but I did get some chocolate so it's all good. It was bitter sweet having to say goodbye to the Gangnam ward... I would of never guessed that I could of got that close to a ward in just 6 months!! I started my talk by speaking in Korean but then to truly express my heart I had to switch to English. Must of the ward understands English so it was okay. I got up there and nerves just hit me but I managed to hold back my tears. I expressed thanks to the ward and told them that I loved them so much. I pretty much based my testimony on the fact that life is hard but lucky for us we have Jesus Christ with us every step of the way. I for sure am not the best missionary yet but I know that I can become a "great" one. The reason being is because God and Jesus Christ are waiting for me to become just that. I know that to be true for ALL of us as well. We can all become "great!" It although requires work on our part. When life gets hard. Pray. When life gets even harder. Pray even harder! I love you all so much and wish you a happy late Valentines Day from South Korea!

Elder Picard
피카드 장로

Gotta have my COSTCO chicken even in Seoul!
Lunch with our investigators and Sisters

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