Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 30 February 2, 2015 "No Groundhog day in Korea"

 It is already February!! What? Where did January go? haha. I am so sad to see the Hawks go down in so close of a game. I love my team and this for sure will not be there last Superbowl appearance. This week was good but Korea is just now realizing that it is winter and has been a bit chilly lately. Today isn't too bad but maybe tomorrow will be cold? You never know here haha. The weather jumps all over the place, well at least this winter it has. Mom, to answer your question I am pretty sure Groundhog day is not a thing in Korea.
    Elder Knapp and I continued our mornings this past week by getting up to run so we could start working off all the food we have and continue to get fed in Gangnam. In not too soon if we don't work out we may start looking like the Fat Boys in Alice in Wonderland. One morning Elder Knapp wasn't feeling well so I went running with Elder Hegewald. We ran to this school that had a turf soccer field and a track. Once we started to run around the track we noticed through the windows of a building connected to the school a weight room! So we of course immediately went to check that out. We pretty much just wondered inside and started to work out thinking maybe it was free. Then some guy came up to us and send we had to go back downstairs to get a key for the locker room because he saw some of our stuff on the floor. We went downstairs and the lady working at the desk told us we had to pay and that it wasn't free. We weren't 100% sure what she said because she was speaking Korean so then I told E. Hegewald to tell her what the guy said upstairs. He did and then she just gave us keys. We were like okay we got the keys now and went back upstairs to continue working out. I guess sometimes it helps to be dumb foreigners who don't know Korean that well haha. When we went grocery shopping this week we managed to find a place with some good deals that just opened up. It was by the church and we didn't think it was too far from our house but man was that walk back brutal! I bought a lot of cheap soy milk, some other heavy food items, and some eggs. My bags were pretty much ripping and I was trying to walk without dropping all my eggs. It was quite difficult and I had to stop at a random place and ask for a new bag because all my groceries were pretty much falling out of my bag. The walk home was uphill and downhill so it for sure was not fun! I came across a box that I then put all of my groceries in so I only had to carry one thing but even then I was wishing I had never bought any groceries. We walked all the way home and I was the happiest fellow after having to carry all that home but I can slow see my frustration not being as bad as before my mission so that's good. Next time even if it is a few bucks I am for sure taking a taxi haha. I got some letters from my Dad so those were really nice to read and get uplifted by. I finally got my family Christmas card too!! Apparently it was sent to the West Indies by accident so that is why I just got it. Yeah so Merry Christmas from the Picard's in late January I guess. Only like a month late but it's whatever haha. 

    This week the other Elder's somehow took two of our appointments that I set up! I guess there was like some miscommunication but still I was kind of upset. Maybe they don't need 4 Elders in Gangnam anymore? Maybe 2 will suffice? haha. Just joking. It wasn't that big of a deal and just got to move on like they say. I made some banana bread this week in our rice cooker and I got to admit it was pretty bomb! I then made more a few days later and I think my cooking skills are just getting better and better. Maybe I should be a chef? We met a potential this week for lunch and he didn't have too much interest. He just loves America so that is why he agreed to meet with us since we are from there and all. That seems to happen a lot here in Gangnam. Oh well. We then were walking around and something really cool happened. We got a text from the 부평 Sisters that said call if you want a referral so we did. We got a referral!! We then called the referral and he was down to meet at his office right then!! We got on the subway and headed for his office. When we got there we ended up being able to teach him the whole first lesson and we talked for like 3 hours. He said when he was little and with his dad walking on the street they saw missionaries and ever since then he has wondered what we were about and why we were always so happy. His name is 박신준 and we are meeting him this week again so that is way cool!! He is way rich too and owns like 3 companies. He told us if we ever need anything or just need to talk about Korea and our struggles here to call him and he will take us out to eat really expensive food. Elder Knapp then labeled him as our sugar daddy haha. He is way cool and said that after our missions he will take us to a film festival in Santa Monica, California that he goes to because he still owns part of a film company here in Korea. He said that we will have to be his drivers because he will be drunk the whole time haha. Hopefully we will be able to keep teaching him and helping him on his journey to receiving this the restored gospel. 

      We were also able to do service this week with a really nice man in his 80's who just does community service because he loves to help people. We helped foreigners in the subway station that didn't know Korean and answered any questions they had since we speak English and all haha. It was way fun and I for sure find joy in helping others. After English Class Saturday night we went to dinner with my boy Min. We ate this really delicious 탕수육 and just had a good time together. Not much gospel was discussed but oh well sometimes the best thing you can do is just be a friend to someone. Last night we did FHE at the 최's and I shared with them my father's conversion story that a Brother in our ward who speaks Korean and English fluently translated for me into Korean. It was really cool to share that story in Korean and the family send it was a wonderful story. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and I love them all so much. I know this gospel is true. I may not have the testimony of a prophet or anything but my best testimony is all I need. As long as all of us continue to nourish our testimonies God will be proud of us and will shape us into the people He wants us to become. I am lucky to have this gospel and am even more lucky to be able to live with my family for time and all eternity!! Missions are hard but like I have been told and tell myself everyday I need this so I must just keeping pushing on! Life likewise is not easy but with God's help and with His Son's Atonement we CAN make it through. I love you all so very much!! 

피카드 장로

What a surprise, a food picture.
Had to take a picture for my dad. 

Doing service in the Subway, too much fun!
My happy little missionary guy, and a companion who probably doesn't like to take pictures as much as he does.
My new best thing to make, banana bread in the rice cooker.

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