Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 29 January 26, 2015 "They feed me too well #fatboyproblems"

     Well here goes for my last email of January 2015. This week we finally had some guys come and take care of the mold problem we had in our house so now I don't have to be scared of getting some crazy mold infection anymore. They came on Monday and pretty much just tore apart our house... it was a mess! Not a single thing was in it's right spot. I guess there way of getting rid of mold in Korean is to just rip off the wall paper where there was mold and replace it with new wallpaper. They pretty much re-wallpapered our whole house because we had mold on just about every wall. Our landlord installed us a dehumidifier in the house so now all the water in the air gets sucked up. I swear that thing is magic because we have to empty it out like every night. It fills up with water so fast!! I would much rather have that thing going all the time then get mold again that's for sure though. 

       Since my companion is DL I had to go on an exchange this week to 영등포 with one of the ZL's. I had District Meeting with another district since I was on exchanges and it was a really good one. Elder 송 is district leader over there and he did a really good job. We talked about how to become a PMG missionary. This week I also went on an exchange with one of the other Elders in my house, Elder Hegewald, who is from California. We had a great time together and were able to talk with a lot of people and teach a practice lesson so that was good. It is always nice to teach practice lessons because it sure doesn't help my Korean get better that's for sure. It also is good so that when I teach an actual investigator I won't mess up and completely say something wrong that doesn't make sense. It although is fun for my companion and myself after I mess up to have a Korean look at me like huh what did he say. E. Hegewald and I came across this ping pong gym and we went inside to catch it out. The people there were so good at ping pong, it was crazy. I don't think I have ever seen a ping pong ball move that fast in real life before. Where we were proselyting most be a prime zone for a bunch of cool places I guess because we then found a Jeet Kune Do place. For those of you who know that is the art Bruce Lee practiced so I had to go in there for my dad because he loves Bruce Lee. We get down there and no one was in the GYM except for the trainer. He asked us what we were doing and we said we were just curious and what Jeet Kune Do is actually. He explained and showed us a few things then he actually handed me a pad to show me a kick and how powerful Jeet Kune Do is and man was I not expecting what happened next. The coach there wasn't that big at all but he kicked me and knocked me back a few feet. I was not expecting him to be that strong. E. Hegewald then took a kick because I did and the guy straight up light him up and he flew back onto his behind. We had a pad of course so we didn't get hurt but it was the craziest thing I have ever seen. Know if I ever get into a fight I know who to call haha. I will put a video on dropbox of it. 

          I had a very food filled weekend that is for sure. We had meal appointments Friday and Saturday for both lunch and dinner. I few of them were with potential investigators who didn't have much interest in the gospel but we were able to bare testimony and share a little bit about the gospel so that was good. Sometimes as a missionary you just have to realize some you come across just aren't quite yet prepared and that God is using you as a tool to start the faith to grow within them. I think that made sense but if not sorry I am starting to lose my English I guess haha. I have learned a lot recently about the importance of always being happy because you never now how far just a simple hello or smile can go. I have tried to be happy more often these days because I do not want to miss the opportunity of brightening someones day. We met a man named 김상집 who we have met before in the past. He is so happy and just the sweetest person. We shared Mosiah 14:16 with him and discussed how the Lord loves all His children and wants us all to be happy and that he was a good example of that. We made it brief because he kind of is already set on religion but respects us for what we do. All people have their agency and I never just want to push the gospel upon someone. All things take time and especially this gospel. Even for me sometimes it is hard to comprehend some things but I know it is true and that it is possible to discovery its truth. That is right where patience comes in. I have to adjust my time to the Lord time and patiently wait for those I teach to receive their own testimony of the truth. On Saturday I had TGI Fridays for lunch and then Vietnamese food for dinner. Once again I am getting fed really well here and for that I am really grateful. I had a good Sabbath day yesterday and am slowly seeing my Korean understanding getting better. I just want to be able to understand already and man is it hard not to get impatient haha. I couldn't be more happier anywhere else than here in Korea. Although I don't understand half the time and haven't baptized anyone I am having a great time and am learning so much. It for sure isn't easy sometimes in fact a lot of the time but this is where I need to be. Although I may not know that yet or may never know it the Lord obviously set me here for a reason so I just have to trust Him. 

Elder Picard

Having the mold cleaned by simply re-wallpapering

Jeet Kune Do gym--Had to take pics of Bruce Lee for my dadd

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