Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 34 March 2, 2015 "He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat."

    Well February is no more and March has begun! Hopefully the season of spring doesn't go by too fast because I hear the summers here are brutal. I can't believe my birthday is next month and I will be 20. I sure am getting old haha. This email will probably be one of my shorter ones because not too much happened this week. I enjoyed all of the pictures I got from baby Olive's blessing and other pictures of the family. My whole family is just so cute! I am not sure how everything is going with the transition of the move but I sure hope that all is well. Hopefully with Dad being by himself in SLC for a bit he isn't eating too many french fries and is keeping himself healthy. He sure does love him some french fries! When the move gets all finalized and you get into our house in SLC you will have to let me know so that I can tell my mission president so he doesn't think my family is still in Spokane haha. Then also it would save me from probably getting ninja kicked when trying to get into our house like on the RM. Things in Korea are going well but the spring weather is still all over the place so I never know when it is going to be cold or not. It is kind of annoying because when it looks nice I go out in just my suit and then it gets cold and when I go out with a coat it is not cold. So maybe I will just have to start flipping a coin to determine whether or not I wear a coat that day. 

    We had interviews with President this week. It was really nice talking to President about mission life and stuff. Talking with him always helps that's for sure. I am lucky to have such a loving mission president that is so willing to help. If I didn't I don't know if I would be able to make it through. I have been reading the Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball and let me say that book is incredible. You truly know it is a good book if Elder Picard reads it because I am not a reader and if the book keeps me interested then it has got to be good haha. I am slowly starting to enjoy reading more so that's good because after all when I get home I will be a big college boy and will have to read BIG books. Definitely while reading this book I have noticed so many weaknesses I have. It also expounds on meanings of certain things I never knew so it is really cool to learn from it. In particularly this morning I read a part that really hit me. Spencer W. Kimball illustrated a story of a lark who saw a man walk by with a black box. The lark did not know what was in the box so he flew down to ask the man. The man then said that it was a box of worms and all the lark had to do was give the man a feather and the man would give the lark a worm. So of course the lark realizing he had millions of feathers was like sure why not. The lark after eating the worm was very happy and said wow what an easy meal. The lark then flew back up into the tree and happily sang. The man continue to come and the lark continued to pay and get a worm. After a while the lark had no feathers left really to give and could barely even flutter to keep himself in the air for more than a few seconds. The man stop coming for the lark had no more to give. The lark was left ashamed and in a swamp of sorrow. Hopefully that made sense. What Spencer W. Kimball was trying to say is that Satan makes things seem harmless and that sin will be happiness but in the end sin will never bring happiness. I learned a lot from this story and I hope you all can too. 

       This week we met with a group of high schoolers and took them out to dinner. Elder Willy promised some kid dinner and he end up bringing some of his friends so he had to buy them all dinner. They were for sure typical crazy high school kids but we had a good time and were able to talk about God and His importance in our lives. I don't think many of them had too much potential but you honestly never know what effect one simple meeting can have in the long run. A few wards have this soccer thing they put on every Saturday so we got to go play soccer for a few hours and that was fun. We met with a less active and he took us out to a meat buffet. I ate a good amount this week and it brought back memories of how much I got fed in Gangnam. Yesterday the ward had a little BBQ so that was for sure one of the best ways I could of broke my fast yesterday. I am trying to email a lot faster these days so like I said they may get shorter. I would like to end with one quote by the great Napoleon, "He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat." Kind of a harsh quote but it has helped me. There really is no room is us for fear. It for sure is hard not to fear in this life because it is HARD. That is how it is supposed to be though. Life will be hard. We are just so lucky to have a way out of this hard life into happiness. I know this gospel is true and with the help of Jesus Christ we can DO this! He knows our fears and also our weaknesses but He will ALWAYS be there to help us through. 


Elder Daniel Jackson Picard

My new little buddy
I figured I would take pictures of other people eating to change it up a bit.

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