Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 38 March 30, 2015 "Happy Birthday EJ!"

   We got transfer calls yesterday but nothing happened to our house and everyone is staying the same except we have to fit two more Elders in our tiny house. Now we will have six Elders in our Siheung house and let me tell you the house barely fits four so man is having six not going to be fun at all. Super crammed and we will be walking on each other toes! haha. I guess we will just have to figure it out though. The good thing is they will only be in our house for a few weeks while their house is getting remodeled. This next transfer will be my second with Elder Willy and my sixth in the mission field. Then before I know it I will hit my mission year mark at the end of next transfer! When I hit my year mark Elder Willy goes home so that is pretty crazy. If I go three with him I will end up killing him which would be the first time I have killed a companion. By the way "kill" in mission terms just means that you are your companions last comp before he goes home. This week for sure was a week full of miracles and was one NEAT week! I like change so when nothing changed with transfer calls I was a little frustrated but then I just realized I can't change anything and that it is all in the Lord's will anyways. 

    First off Monday night I got a call from the 계산 sisters. Sounds kind of strange that the sisters were calling me from a different zone and all but I promise it was for a good reason haha. They called and said that they met a man on the subway who had previously received a name card from me. Also that while they were on the subway they saw him pull out my card and look up our church website! He still hasn't called me but the fact of someone using my card and not just throwing it away was way cool! If the sisters wouldn't have called I would have never known too. With that experience I learned that I just need to work hard all the time and do my part and miracles will happen. The Lord controls what happens and it is my job to initiate and take the first step so miracles can happen. You never truly know what a simple hi or giving someone your name card can do in the long run. This week I went to the gym that our investigator owns and lifted a few times. It is just really hard to get up early and still have energy throughout the day. The man who owns the gym is Mr. Kim. We met Mr. Kim this week with his daughter Lucy and taught them English. They are doing the 30/30 program where we teach 30 min English and 30 min gospel so we got to share a message with them too. We shared a message on God and prayer and there was a really sweet spirit in the room as we taught. They both are just really good people and I love teaching them both. After we got done teaching them Mr. Kim wanted to take us out for dinner. We ate chicken and let me tell you chicken here in Korea is waaaayyy better than any place in America you can find chicken! Korean chicken is bomb! 

    So our mission is doing this 40 day fast thing where for 40 days at least one set of missionaries will be fasting every single day. This week we had our turn and let me tell you that fast brought some crazy miracles! On Thursday we were just out walking through this park called 비둘기 공원 and not much was happened we talked to some people and placed a few name cards but nothing that cool. Then it happened! As we were walking by this basketball court we saw this guy just about to start a little basketball camp thing and my comp asked if I wanted to talk to him. I was way tired with the fast and all but said yeah sure why not. So we started walking towards him and he saw us and got this big grin on his face and said hey I know you, you are Mormon missionaries! We of course said yeah we are. Then he said that he used to hang out with missionaries all the time and took the lessons 3 years ago! The crazy part was the missionaries who he used to hang out with a lot happen to be missionaries I know, Elder Dooley and Elder Chapman! I have never met Dooley but I did meet Chapman when I went to Dj Doman's house before my mission to talk about Korean with a bunch of his buddies that served in Korea. Then Dooley is a kid that Ej knows from college who I talked to a bit about Korea before I left as well! I guess it is a small world after all. He told us his English name was Tom but I think Dooley calls him Jeff from what he told me. Well anyways Tom told us that he wants to meet us every week, play bball, and learn about our church again! Later that night we met a LA who knew all of the same guys that were in the field when Doman was so that was pretty crazy. The LA's name is 백향준. On Friday we met that LA and Tom! That LA was a bit crazy and was telling us to like email our families and break the rules but we didn't. He must not of ever been told the rules or something. We ate lunch with him but he said he got baptized mainly just because he liked the missionaries so looks like we have some work to do. When we met Tom we did his bball camp with these two grade school kids and it was pretty fun. Tom is pretty good at bball and is going to America soon because he has the ultimate goal of playing in the NBA. We had a good talk with him after balling and I shared a little bit from the Book of Mormon. I showed him Moroni's promise and committed him to read 3 Ne 11 about Jesus coming to the Americas because I felt it just fit well with Easter next week and all. Tom is awesome and is my new best friend! 

    On Saturday we used the #BecauseHeLives initiate cards a lot and had some really good success with having people look up the video and showing them. We went around and showed it to all of our buddies here in Siheung that have there own little businesses. We showed the video then we would bare testimony and every time we shared it the spirit was way strong! One man, our bike shop guy friend, even teared up a bit. Yesterday after church we walked past this guy we have met before and he said hi. After we were done talking to him I heard another man say hi from a distance and turned my head to see a guy sitting out in front of a little convenient store smoking and with a beer sitting in front of him. We walked over to talk to him and sure enough he has been looking for someone to help him get over smoking and drinking. He wasn't drunk at the time we walked to him and he said he wanted to believe is Jesus and quit smoking and drinking. Also that he has been wanting to quit but that no one will help him and that people just see him as a drunk. We testified that we could help and that through Jesus Christ and His Atonement he can overcome his addiction. We are meeting that man tonight so I sure hope we can help him and bring happiness into his life. Well I think that is enough email for this week haha. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He is by our sides helping us through all of our trials! Even if we don't think he is there or that we are too unworthy for Him to be there I can testify that He is there! Like it promises in Isaiah 41:13 "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." I too promise that He will help you because He loves EVERY single one of His children! Now go out and share the #BecauseHeLives video with someone and blow up social media with it as well. 

Elder Picard

No pictures this week, hopefully next week he sends a million :)

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