Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 39 April 4, 2015 #BecauseHeLives

     What a wonderful Easter week I had over here in Korea!! Oh yeah and before I forget, Happy Restoration day!! I am so glad I am part of this church and that Joseph Smith did what he did 185 years ago and established the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I can't imagine myself in any other religion because I know without a doubt I am in the RIGHT one. I haven't got to watch conference yet because Korea gets it a week late so that's a bummer but I know it will be worth the wait. My last conference in October was awesome. Conference as a missionary is just the best. I am also really excited that I get to watch it in English because trust me if I watched it in Korean man would I be lost and not understand much. This week we had a lot of opportunities to use the initiate, #BecauseHeLives, and share the video with a lot of people. That video is amazing and everytime we watched it with someone no matter where it was the spirit was always super strong and I got chills from head to toe. I just know Christ lives and that He is there to help us always! He is our GOOD Shepard and man is He GOOD. He will never let one go astray but if it does He will always go out looking for that lost sheep. We will never feel down in the dumps if Jesus Christ is on our minds. Christ brings the greatest happiness into our lives and will always be there to cheer us up. 

    This past week was a good one. We went down to 눈곡동 to do some proselyting and catch back up on some houses that we knocked a while back but none of them were home. Then we went to this old people place to find some service because the other service we have is pretty far from our house. We may have found some service the lady just needs to get back to us so that is pretty exciting. While we were at the place I noticed that they had a game room and a bunch of old people were playing ping pong so we went in to watch them for a bit. They were all pretty good and when they noticed two foreigners were watching they asked us if we wanted to play. Of course I said yes and I played. The guy I was playing with was pretty good but I was able to keep up and all the old people there were impressed with my ping pong skills haha. After playing for a while one of the worker ladies came in and said we couldn't play because it was for the old people but the old guys backed us up and said they invited us to play. I felt pretty cool to have a bunch of old Korean dudes back me up haha. We started walking to the bus stop and as we were almost to the bus stop out in the middle of no where we both realized we didn't have any money on our bus cards or any money at all. I don't know why but we just kept walking. I noticed out of the corner of my eye this guy just pulled over then I hear "you guys need a lift" from someone with an English accent and sure enough we turn and this foreign dude from Whales was like get in. He asked us why we were walking out in the middle of nowhere and we said we were going to the bus stop but also said that he saved us because neither of us had money. It was a super cool experience and we were able to talk a lot about our church, why we were on missions, etc. He wasn't religious but said we were doing a good thing. He had a really sweet spirit and I hope we will get to meet him again. As we got out of his car, I gave him my card and said to call us sometime and we will buy him dinner. 

    I got the straight hook up with ties this week. We have a single adult in our ward who was getting rid of a bunch of ties so I was able to score like 10 or so free ties!! It was awesome! We played ball with Tom this week and had a good time with him again. He is just the coolest dude ever!! The rain was pretty crazy this week and we got straight up soaked one night. I dont know why we didn't bring an umbrella but oh well I like rain. We met Mr, Kim and Lucy this week. Mr. Kim told us there were some of Lucy's friends that wanted to learn English too so we said okay. We show up to his office for the appointment and then walked to this pizza place and to our surprise 10 kids and there moms were sitting in the party room rented for us... We all ate together and then the parents just bounced to a different part of the restaurant haha. We were left trying to teach 10 screaming crazy kids English and man was it a party!! We actually didn't do too bad and afterwards gave all the moms a #BecauseHeLives card. This week our LA 백향준 came to church so that was way good. We didn't have any investigators show up but having a LA was just as good. We had to pretty much go to his house and drag him to church but the important part was he came and he was even smiling after church and having a good time! I love that guy he is super funny and just awesome. I had a really cool personal study this week and it is what I will end on. I read in Alma about the stripling warriors and man were they just some righteous dudes. They never lost faith and always continued to push on. They knew their mothers knew it and I too know my mother knows it. Sure the mission and life might be hard but if my mom knows it to be true and my family likewise does should I doubt? No I shouldn't. So all you back home don't doubt and instead have faith and push on leaning on the Lord for strength and guidance. 

Elder Picard

Always a great day when I can play basketball. 

Coming home soaked from the rain.

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