Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 42 April 27, 2015 "Happy 20th Burtday Elder Picard!"

   It's my happy burtday!!!  I love my family sooo much and am so glad I was born to the 2 greatest parents and family ever!! For those of you who don't know I was a big baby and weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz, I was born at 7:42a.m., and I didn't get the brown skin from my dad but still got his good looks ;) Just some fun facts for you all. Oh yeah and I was born in Moscow, Idaho at Gritman Medical Center. Today is my birthday here in Korea but Sunday in America because of the time change so that is kind of funny but hey I get 2 birthdays then woo hoo! I am not sure if I will be able to get a birthday cake because they are way expensive here but maybe I will get a cookie or something cheap, throw a candle in it, and call it good. I will be opening the rest of my box from you guys today and read all the lovely letters from you all so I am pretty stoked about that. I really liked the pokemon book and basketball cards so who ever came up with that idea good job. It is super weird to think that I am 20 now. I am a big boy now and not a teenager anymore, that is crazy! It is making me homesick thinking about all the wonderful things you do for my birthday every year mom, you are the best. I would do anything right now to eat some yummy chicken alfredo and either apple crisp or strawberry shortcake for desert. Oh man my mouth is watering right now, I love that stuff. I also am kind of disappointed I can't go through the spanking machine either :( I guess it is okay though because I get to spend my bday here in Korea! I think today I decided I wanted to go bowling because they have this deal where you can bowl for 3 hours and it is only 10 bucks. Then after we are going to go to dinner somewhere with two of my less active buddies so that should be good. In all honesty because time on the mish just all blends together it doesn't even feel like my bday, it's weird. Well that is enough on my birthday I guess I will talk about some other things I did this week. 

    This week was one busy week for sure. We ate at a members house Monday night and while we were there I was just being the smiley happy Elder Picard having a good time and I surprised the members because they said at church I usually am just quiet and don't talk much. Which made me think and realize that really is the case a lot of the time because I am so tired. They said they liked the talkative happy me so I think I may just have to keep that up from here on out even if I am tired. While we were out tracting this week we saved the day! We saw this lady standing with a bunch of kids looking into a little stream so we walked over to see what was the matter. When we got over there we came to find out that one of the little kids had dropped his phone in the stream. There was a tree close by so I held on to the tree and lowered E. Willy down with his shoe off to get the phone and save the day! I felt like a superhero haha. It was nothing too big that we did but it was cool that something as simple as that was put in our path and we were able to help them out. We played ball this week with the other Elders and their investigator. While we were playing with them I was able to pick up a really good contact with a guy there who ended up playing with us. I dont know what it is but when I am doing something I love like basketball I just do missionary work so much better and it flows so much easier. So sounds to me like I have to start playing more basketball and use my talents to convert but it could be hard with the rules and all because I can't just play ball all day. I just got to figure something out. Maybe I just have to think that ordinary missionary work is just as fun as playing ball. Not that I don't like missionary work but I just have to get in the mindset of enjoying it that much more it seems like. 

    We taught Alex and Kevin again this week and that meeting went really well. After teaching them English we were able to teach about God to their whole family and talk about prayer. I feel like the lesson went really well but I still don't know if they are a family just in it for English or not. I guess we will see. We have been meeting a lot of people from the middle east on the streets lately so that is kind of fun. We have like 10 middle eastern dudes' numbers in our phone that we are texting and trying to meet. Must of them are either Islam or Muslim so if we do end up teaching them I am interested to see what happens. This weekend was crazy because of the stakes combining. Incheon and Gangseo combined so there were a lot of activities this past weekend. They just finished a brand new building which is my new church building I will be going to and let me tell you it is soooo nice! It may even be better and definitely bigger than one of our churches in America, it's sweet. I forgot my camera so I haven't took any pics of it yet but I did of my old Siheung building so next week I will send pics of our new upgraded church. 

    Friday night there was a concert thing at the new stake center in Mansu and they showed a video on Korea's church history. During the video I felt the spirit so strong and it was cool to realize that I am here trying to build the church even more and find those lost sheep here in Korea! Then on Saturday they had the Open House and that was really cool. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony and Elder Ringwood was here all weekend so that was cool. Our church made donations to churches and local businesses by our new church so at the open house there was a Buddhist lady, a nun, and some other people who spoke in front of all of us so that was interesting but yet cool to see. It just made me realize how awesome our church is and how we really do care and serve all no matter beliefs and what not. I sure am lucky to be a part of this church and need to do all the things I should and also love and care for everyone no matter beliefs or whatever because it is what Christ would do if He were here. On Sunday we had the combination stake conference and man was it packed. Our new building has 3 floors with the capability to build a forth if needed. The chapel is on the second floor and it was filled all the way back through the gym and on to the stage. Then they had like 3 overflows all full on the third floor! It was by far the most people I have ever seen at church before here. Elder Ringwood spoke at conference in Korean so that was cool. 

     Korean still isn't the easiest but I was reading in PMG and realized I am trying hard but I could be trying harder. I don't speak Korean too much with my companion and in PMG it really emphasizes speaking your language as much as possible. It is way hard to do but I think I just need to do it already. I am already almost at my year mark and not the best at Korean so I got to get working. I just have to give up my will and do the Lord's no matter how hard it is I gotta do it. Lucky for me and for all of us the Lord promises us that He will help us through our hard times and make our burdens light. I love you all so much!!! 

Elder Picard

Bowling on P-day

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