Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 43 May 4, 2015 "May the 4th be with you"

Happy early Mother's Day Mom, you are the best!!!!! Well down in the books goes my first full week of being 20 years old. It doesn't really feel like I am 20 or anything at all. I mean I still don't have facial hair or chest hair so I still feel like a little kid in appearance haha. This past week was a good one and was filled with lots of fun activities. For my birthday last week my comp and I went bowling for 3 hours and that was a lot more tiring then I thought it would be. After that 2 of our LA buddies took us out to dinner at this really good buffet. Then of course we had to get Baskin and Robbins for desert because you only turn 20 once after all. I am coming up on my year mark too so I think it is time that I buckle down and work as hard as I can. Not saying that I haven't been working but I mean you can always work harder. Missions constantly push you in lots of different ways so there is always some way you can improve yourself. I read in PMG this week that your attitude determines pretty much everything. Most of all it determines how much you love the Lord. When I read that it really made me think and realize that a lot of the time my attitude isn't the best. It is really easy to get a selfish and or angry attitude for me so I think I found something I can improve on. My whole life I have had a bad attitude sometimes and I would love to be able to be sitting on the plane on the way home from my mission and be able to say that my attitude changed to a good one. So yeah attitude I realized is way more important than I thought.

    We had Zone Conference this week and it was really fun. We went to a really cool island and our leaders gave us some of the trainings at a park until it started raining and we had to go back to the church. All of the trainings were way good but I personally liked President's. He hit on a lot of good things. He said that we all need to quit with sarcasm, back biting, and complaining. Instead of doing these things he said we need to compliment others, smile, and just be happy. I do tend to have a lot of negative energy for no reason and there really is no reason for that. Being happy is a lot more fun than being angry for sure. A scripture that has become one of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 16:32 and I would suggest that you all check it out because it is a good one :) The times I get angry I read this and it really helps me straighten up. When you are angry it doesn't help anyone but when you are happy you can BRIGHTEN someone's day! At Zone Conference we did this 7 min workout competition and I beat President so yeah I am pretty boss. Not really though because beating a 60 year old man isn't saying much haha that is what President told me after I jokingly was bragging haha. 

    I went on an exchange with the ZL's this week and got to go with Elder Bodily again. He came to Siheung for the exchange and we just had a blast together. He was trained here so we actually got to teach one of his old investigators so that was cool. Also we taught Alex, Kevin, and their family again and just had another way solid lesson. Elder Bodily was super stoked after the lesson and said I was lucky to be teaching such a prepared family. They really are a great family and I am lucky to be teaching them. Elder Bodily goes home in a week or so and we were able to have some more good talks on the mission and he was able to give me some more tips. One thing I really like that he told me was that I need to find a way to be happy during the hard times and not let them get me down. The reason for being happy during the hard times is because it is during the hard times that we learn. I mean if we never had hard times and life was a piece of cake we would never learn. He said missions aren't supposed to be easy they are instead supposed to be hard and change you into a better person so he told me to just let the mission do its thing and not worry. I passed off Lesson 4 in TIP to Elder Bodily so now I only have 1 more lesson left then the AP pass off left. We had a really cool miracle this week and ran into this guy on the street who invited us to go eat with him. We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and he said he wants to meet again so that was really cool. 

   Recently I have been really tired so if any of you that went through a similar problem during your mission have any tips on how I can overcome being tired please let me know. Well we have transfer calls this weekend so we will see if I leave Siheung or what happens. It is crazy to think next transfer will be my 7th transfer!! 

Elder Picard
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