Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 44 May 11, 2015 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”—Phillipians 4:13

    Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!!! You are the best. I am so lucky to have such a great family and THE BEST mama ever! I loved being able to talk to all of you over the phone for Mother's Day, it was great. Now I just have to wait till Christmas which will probably come before I know it. Well we got transfer calls and I am going to a new area! My new companion's name is Elder Ely and I will go exchange and get him Wednesday. My new area is call Gajeong and it is in the city of Incheon. I look forward to going back to a city because country is alright and all but I think I like the city more because there is more people to talk to. My new house in Gajeong is the biggest house in the mission so I am pretty stoked about that!! Also everyone in the house is way cool and they all love sports so it will be a blast! 

    Well with the combination of wards and all we got a new building like I said and it is way nice. Since we have such a nice new building missionaries are always there now to do tours and stuff. The stake president wants 4 missionaries there everyday so we have a rotation and did it on Tuesday this past week. We pretty much just became visitor center missionaries for a day. It was awesome because we were actually able to get like 4 people in, have good conversations with them, and give them a tour of the church. The way we got them in was we just stood outside the church and asking people if the wanted to see our church. We also did some proselyting around a park close by and on the intersection by the church. It was a way cool experience and I really enjoyed it. One girl in particular came by that I felt impressed to say hello to actually was curious about our church and asked me why I was speaking Korean to her haha. She spoke English well and we took her inside and were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and how our church is different. Another guy we gave a tour was a guy we saw on Sunday and then saw him again. He is a seventh day adventist and really respects our church. He even said a while ago he met with missionaries and taught them Korean. He was an old guy but spoke English super well. Maybe E. Willy and his new comp will be able to meet all those people that would be cool.

    I got to go to the temple again so that was great like always! We had Zone training this week and that was really good. We have like 5 missionaries going home in our zone that gave their farewells and they were all really good. They had lots of good advice that I for sure will apply to my mission so that it can be that much better! Elder Bodily talked again on the fact that we need to find it in ourselves to be happy during the hard times because it is during those times that we grow the most. I think this can apply to life as well and not just a mission. Missions are hard but life is too. God gives us trials so that we can learn and grow but not to completely destroy us. We are only given things we can handle and God knows what those things are. Worry can also come into the picture but honestly if we are doing all we can to improve and better ourselves there should be nothing to worry about. Not only the lost sheep are the ones that Jesus helps, He helps all of us! He will carry all of us through our hard times and with Jesus Christ and His help there is NO reason to worry. I have struggled with this a lot on my mission but I am going to stop wasting countless energy on this and use that energy on something that matters other than worrying. I want to end with a scripture that is just great. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”—Phillipians 4:13

Elder Dj Picard
피카드 장로

You HAVE to watch this movie. Some fun trivia, this was Angie's (Elder Picards Mom) first 45 record she ever bought and her 4th grade teacher Mrs. Burnham would let the kids rock out to it occasionally, great memories!

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