Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 48 June 8, 2015 "The Holy Ghost is my bud"

     This week was good but the heat is coming more and more so that part is rough. It isn't that the heat itself is killer but the humidity is no fun. I am going to have to try and find some new super thin slacks so that I don't die this summer haha. Last Pday my comp and I were going to go to the gym and lift but when we got there the lady wouldn't let us in because we didn't care our exercise clothes in a bag and change there. It was pretty frustrating because we were in nice exercise clothes and she still wouldn't let us in. So instead of lifting we decided to go down to the river and run because as a missionaries you just need as much exercise as you can get. We pretty much were like Forrest Gump and just kept running. For not running a long distance in a while we did pretty good. We ran like 8 or so miles. I was so pooped afterwards but I didn't die so its all good. After running we went to a members house for dinner so that was nice because we were both starving and didn't have to cook anything! 

      It was kind of a hard week too because my body just isn't liking this mission schedule thing. I have just been getting crazy tired and sometimes even fall asleep when we are teaching people :( I interviewed with President and let him know. The area doctor is supposed to be calling me soon to try and help in figuring it out. As for now I got permission to exercise in the afternoon to see if getting my body moving more helps. Of course we walk and all but obviously that hasn't helped yet with being so tired. So to like wake me up during the middle of the day we are going to see if running or some other hard exercise works. I have also had a cough for a few weeks now that comes only at night. It is weird that it only comes at night but also is way annoying. I just want to get back to full health and not have anything wrong with me. The heat plus being crazy tired doesn't help my attitude too much either. I can just get angry that much quicker when my body is uncomfortable. I am trying to cope with it as best as I can but man is it hard. Hopefully Elder Hansen, the doctor, is magically and will be able to get me fixed up quick. I just want to be able to work hard and have the energy to do so. I want to be an energetic happy boy not a tired angry missionary haha. Whatever is wrong with me or whatever trial I am going through God knows I needed it so I just have to have faith that whatever is happening right now is what I need and that is for the good. I just thought I would let you know but don't worry mom I will be fine. I just hope I don't have MERS or else I might die haha. 

       We had Zone training this week and it was really good. We are doing a Zone fast to help us in finding more investigators and in being blessed with more opportunities to teach lessons. With extraordinary faith we can do extraordinary things is one thing they mentioned. The Holy Ghost also helps in accomplishing tasks we can't do on our own. With the Holy Ghost we can do anything and impossible is nothing. We are so blessed to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost to be our bud and always help us out. We taught a recent convert this week at his house. We taught him through showing the Bible videos and then the Because of Him video. We taught the first part of the second lesson and a lot about our purpose her on the earth. We showed a video on the Good Samaritan and man is that just a great lesson for us all. Christ was always willing to help others so why aren't we? So what it can be hard, we are promised that if we serve others and care more for others than ourselves that we will constantly receive countless blessings. That sounds like a good gig to me. The recent convert we met lives with his older bro who is not a member and at the beginning of the lesson I said that I wanted to say hi to his bro. He was busy at first but actually came out to the living room and we able to teach both of them! It was awesome such a miracle. We watched the videos on their huge big screen TV so that was really cool too. His bro said that he looked forward to seeing me at church. He didn't come yesterday but we are going to keep in touch and maybe even try and pick him up as an investigator. 

         We taught our investigator, 배성호, with a member this week and that lesson went extremely well. We showed the Mormon message called "The Hope of God's Light" and man is that video clutch. The spirit was definitely there helping us teach and also having a Korean there was super helpful too. He came out to church again this week so that was sweet. We are going to try and give him a baptismal date this week but I guess we will just have to wait and see. We had a sports day with a member and one of the other Elder's investigators named Denny and that was really fun. We played basketball and football. Then ate Dominoes pizza!! 

          One night this week we all just started telling stories and talking about Christ. We talked a lot about the church to and just all our beliefs, the Second Coming, etc. Some of the other elders told stories about people nowadays who have seen Jesus Christ. I was laying in my bed, listening, and couldn't help but get the chills from the spirit. Our church is just amazing and is true!!! I know it! I know Jesus Christ lives and I know He has the power to visit people today's day. I know that we have a Prophet who receives direct revelation from God and Jesus Christ on how to direct this church. Christ will come again. Our church just makes sense. We don't have to see Christ to know He is there. I have never seen Him but that doesn't mean I don't know He is there. We are on the earth right now to prepare to enter into His presence again. Our main focus should be to do just that. We obviously will make mistakes but we can't let those hold us back. We can't let Satan win us over. He won't win us over! Christ has all power, He lives, and for that reason we have nothing to worry about!! Life will be hard but I can testify Christ will always help us no matter what because we are His children and He loves us more than we can imagine. I am so lucky to be able to be on a mission sharing that very joy that Jesus Christ has given me. I may not be the best missionary but I am trying. I love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and prayers!!!

Elder Picard

He didn't send a picture so I thought I would post this one from right before he left. We love our boat and lake time as a family and will be sending "cool & refreshing" thoughts to him as he sweats it out in Korea this summer!

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