Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 49 June 15, 2015 "I believe that God loves broken me."

      When you get out of the shower dry but then 5 seconds later you are sweating again you know you are in Korea!! The humidity here is rough... My face is always sweating, even in the house! It doesn't help that I already normally sweat like crazy either. The hot weather is coming and I am predicting it will be one rough summer. I bought these super thin super pants that have been good so far so hopefully they help. I guess one good thing about humidity and sweating is that I should be able to lose all the weight I put on during the winter pretty fast haha. I wasn't as tired this week with being able to exercise in the afternoon so that was good. Either way I just have to realize and figure how to put up with being tired because that is just the life of a missionary. Hot weather does help either so man do I pound water! My comp and I are getting along really well so that's great! We have really good talks every week and if anything thing comes up we do good at figuring it out together. We get transfer calls Saturday again so there is a possibility for a new comp but I hope not because Elder Ely and I are doing great! He has been here for 4 transfers so he could leave and maybe go ZL or something. If he leaves this will be my first one and done with a companion. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. 

        For Sister Kelly's birthday in my district we went to this Burger place in 청라 that pretty much is like In and Out in America. Our thinking is that a Korean went to America and stole the idea to bring it back too Korea. It even tasted American but man did it destroy my tummy. It tasted good but I am starting to think American food will blow me up when I get home because it is so fatty haha. Elder Ely and I went to this super good buffet called Miss Grill by Bennigan's this past week. While we were eating there I heard this little Korean boy close by our table speak English so it really caught me by surprise. I was looking over in that direction and his mom looked over at me so to make it not awkward I asked if they speak English in Korean. They responded in English and said they were from America. It was super weird because they spoke with no accent really at all and I probably spoke better Korean then their kids did haha. We were then able to talk to that family about missionaries, our church, why we are here, etc. It was just a super good talk and we told them to if they ever saw missionaries in America to say hi. Our area doctor called me about my exhaustion lately and gave me some good ideas. He was just a super happy dude and said a really good quote that I am trying to put in play more. So as you all know I have struggled with anger pretty much all of my life but it has significantly improved during my mish. He said that I need "to act instead of react." So instead of anger being my reaction I need to make happy be my action. That doesn't really make any sense but oh well haha. Cut me some slack I am learning Korean over here haha. 

         We taught a few really good practice lessons this week. During one of the lessons I asked our member acting as an investigator if he could ask one question to God what would it be. He said that it would be about the Lotto and how to win. Then I responded of course all in Korean in a way it didn't even think I could. I said money can disappear but the eternal blessings of this gospel can't. After the lesson he said that was really good what I said. Now that I think about it, it is true. A lot of times us as humans get too distracted on things of this world when we really should be focusing on things that will last eternally. I read a DearElder from my mom that really hit me and was nice too read just looking through old mail. She said that I need to find joy in serving and taking care of the Lord's sheep even if at times I have to pick up their poop. Seems kind of funny but is totally true. Sometimes we don't like doing the hard things people need from us and our selfishness holds us back from helping people. I sure hope that through my mission I can become that person. The one who no matter what wants to serve even if that means picking up poop! My mom sure does love me and always has such great advice. I just have the greatest mom and better yet the BEST family! 

          I finished TIP with the Assistants!! Woo hoo!!!!! I am done with TIP! TIP is the program President Morrise made for us to better our teaching in Korean just in case you all forgot what it was. It was good and all but I sure am glad to be done with it. It was a lot of memorizing scriptures in Korean and vocab. So now I can really hit it on my language study. We fasted a few times this week for different things but with the humidity you have to drink water while you fast or else you will die haha. Fasting truly is a powerful thing and works.There is a song that comes on every once and a while in our house when we are listening to music and it says "I believe that God loves broken me." Now that I have been thinking about it man is that true!! God does love all of His children no matter are short comings or imperfections are!! There really is no reason to feel discouraged ever because He is there and knows what we are going through! I love this gospel and I love being out here teaching people about God, the nature of Him, and letting people know that God does exist and loves all His children. It sure can be hard sometimes don't get me wrong but EVERY one of God's children needs to be found and guided back to the restored gospel and to the blessing it brings and that is what I am doing!! So cool!!! 

Elder Picard 
피카드 장로  

No pictures this week so I took the liberty to post one from almost a year ago when we went to Silverwood.

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