Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 52 July 5, 2015 "On the down side"

     Well folks I have officially been on a mission for a year!!! It is crazy to think that this time last year I was in the MTC and this time 2 years ago I was entering my senior year of high school! I am getting old... oh no! The first year of my mission now that I look back went really fast and I can't even imagine how fast this 2nd year will fly by. I took some time this past week to write some goals for the last year of my mission so that I can make the most out of it. I just finished my upward mission climb and it is all down hill from here. I can't grab my brakes to stop time so I just gotta work as hard as I can and live in the moment. Missions are just great and I have learned so much being out here. I feel like it was forever ago when I was getting trained in Gangnam by Elder Hastriter! Time is so weird out here haha. I also got this really cool journal with 365 pages I can use as my last year journal from an investigator we had in Gangnam so I am pretty excited to start that. 

       This week was a fat kid week for sure. We ate 3 buffets!! haha. From going to a really expensive Korean wedding to taking down huge posters opposing our church we did it all this week. Monday after email we were able to go get my camera fixed and they fixed it right then and there so that was nice. We met with a referral that we got at a coffee shop and were able to pick him up as an investigator so that was cool! We didn't know he was coming to church but he just showed up. Definitely a miracle. We met one of our other investigators 이증원 and the lesson we had with him went really good too. He is just a great kid and sure loves God. He goes to church like 3 times a week and said he wants to dedicate his life to God. I really think we will be able to help him so I am pretty excited. We met our last active recent convert buddy 이동준 or Dan and taught him along with his non member bro again so that was sweet. We may just have to start teaching his bro, Dean, and pick him up as an investigator because he is awesome. Throughout the week we played ball with a bunch of kids and people from the neighborhood at the park. For exercise we usually go out during lunch and play to help me not get so tired throughout the day. It has been really good and we have been able to meet and play ball with a bunch of people. One day we were playing basketball with a bunch of these little kids and they noticed our football so of course they were curious as to what it was. We then taught them this football game and before we played I was thinking to myself "hey maybe we should say a prayer" so we did. We told all of the kids that we pray for safety before we play sports so they said it was okay. After playing we shared a quick message with them on love and how important it is to love each other. We connected the love Christ has for all of us to the love we should have for each other as simply as we could. We then told them to go home and tell their parents they love them and ask them if there is something they can do to help around the house. It was a really cool experience and man do I love when we can do missionary work while playing basketball it is the best!! 

         We met a member this week who used to be the ward mission leader and is super funny for dinner at his house. After dinner there is this last active lady in the ward with 2 sick little girls who wanted us to give them blessings. So after dinner we drove down to her house with the member and blessed the 2 girls. I think they have had some sort of sickness ever since birth and need blessings every now and then. I was able to do one of the annointings in Korean of course and man was that so cool!! I don't have it memorized so I had to read it but it was still awesome. Elder Ely gave one of the blessings and the member gave the other. I hope before I go home and when my Korean is a bit better I can give a blessing in Korean because that would be really cool. Our investigator 배성호 didn't come out to church but came out to a young single adults activity so it is good the members our building a relationship with him. We have these 2 new members that just got married a month or so ago and had their wedding reception this week. It was AWESOME!!! I can't even explain how cool it was. They had like a runway and they both did cool entrances. The bride descended down from a balcony and the groom came from backstage. Curtains opened and he gets up off the white couch and just walks down the isle with Bruno Mars "Marry You" playing. Man it was boss!! It was also apparently not the usual Korean wedding reception but a really experience one so we were pretty much living it. Then afterwards we ate at this amazing buffet! Easily like the coolest wedding ever. They didn't have a dance party but it was still way awesome. We went and watched this water show last night with Dan that was super cool too and we were able to talk with a lot of people there so we might have to start going there more often. 

         I finished the Miracle of Forgiveness finally and man is that an amazing book. I also read the talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf "Pride and the Priesthood" again because my mission President is the man and recommended it. I have read it before but reading it again was really good. It pretty much just hits on the fact that pride is a gateway sin and we should strive not to be prideful. What I really liked though is the little story he tells about his pen that would do everything he wanted it to without complaining or anything. We likewise should do this especially me as a missionary I need to give up my will and let the Lord take over. I need to be the tool in His hands that just works instead of complaining. It is going to be hard to do but I feel it is something I gotta do so I am going to give it a shot!!! 

Elder Picard
피카드 장로  
My camera is FINALLY fixed! 

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