Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 88, March 7, 2016 No email, pictures tell the story this week :)

Elder Picard didn't have time to write his weekly email but did send pictures. We will let the pictures tell his story this week. Pray for Abby & Ola who will be baptized this coming Saturday. Elder Picard loves them so much and tells us over and over how incredible they are.

I'm pretty sure this is Abby & Ola. They had their baptism interview and it went super great! They have asked Elder Picard to baptize them this coming Saturday, March 13.  Elder Picard found them by just being himself (very social) and talking to them. God has people waiting to hear the wonderful plan of salvation, we just need to open our mouth and be bold in sharing where our true happiness comes from.

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