Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 91 March 28, 2016 "Happy Birthday to the best big brother EVER, I love and miss him the mostest!"

    "Ever since I've been eating this stuff I have had diarrhea since Easters." For those of you that don't know what movie that is, it's from Nacho Libre. The Picards like to quote that movie a lot. Well we quote a lot of movies so yeah. I just wanted to start my email off this week with that because I miss laughing and watching movies with my family. Hopefully you all got a good laugh reading that quote because I laughed typing it. 
Easter as a missionary is the best. It was especially great getting to teach an investigator the Plan of Salvation and testify of Jesus Christ. I hope you all had a great Easter because I sure did. I even got to hide eggs for an Easter egg hunt! They wouldn't let me find them because I am too big but I got to hide them :) Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a little kid because Easter egg hunts were so fun! All kids do is have fun. All you kids out there enjoy it while it lasts. Before you know it, you will just have to work work work. I like being a big missionary guy it is fun but definitely in a different way. As a kid you get the thrill and fun by eating candy and looking for eggs but as a missionary you make things fun by serving others and being able to teach about Jesus Christ. I had a cool experience yesterday talking with a guy on the bus. I felt like I should talk about Jesus Christ and bear my testimony so I did. He took it really well too. We fear things sometimes that shouldn't be feared. Sharing your testimony of Jesus Christ shouldn't be scary. I mean who wants to light a candle and put it underneath a bushel? I sure don't. That is no fun. We gotta shine the light and pull our candles out from underneath the bushel if they are. I know that as we testify and shine our light that we will receive strength and courage to do so. With conference this weekend and still in the midst of Easter season it is the perfect time to testify of Jesus Christ to our friends and invite them to watch conference!! 

Elder Picard
피카드 장로 
즐거운 부활절 되세요! 🐣🐰

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