Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 92 April 4, 2016 "23 days til my happy birthday!"

The weather is starting to warm up, in Korea. We actually had to break out our short sleeved shirts! I am not looking forward to the heat and humidity.  I am looking forward to turning 21, in just 23 short days!! That is wild, that I am going to be so old.

We have picked up two new investigators, which is great. One of them is actually American, from the Base nearby.  We gave a lesson in Korean, this past week.  It was kind of difficult, and took awhile, because we have been teaching mostly in English lately. We are in a primarily English area right now.  We watched a video, with our investigator, that was centered on Baptism.  She enjoyed the video, especially the part where Jesus Christ gets baptized.  She is coming to the realization that she too, may need baptism, if the Savior himself was baptized.  So, that was good for her to see.

Osan Ward is planning a get-together this week, which should be fun.  We will be playing ultimate frisbee, plus having a bar-b-que.  I am especially looking forward to the food and bar-b-que.  Yumm!!

The Mission Home informed me, yesterday, that they will be purchasing my airline ticket for my return flight home, this coming week!!  It just makes me realize that I am short on time here in Korea. Not so much to be going home, but to know that I have to lengthen my stride and do all that I can for the Lord, in the few short months that I have left. Time sure has flown!

We had a chance to play basketball, this past week, with some Korean investigators. That is always fun, to show off my skills!  We have also been working really hard to improve our relationships with folks in our Ward, and this has been going well. We are currently working with a lady Korean investigator, whose husband was baptized a few months ago. This is nice, because I can work on my Korean again.  We are also working with the wife of Christian, a recent convert, it has been hard. She was raised Southern Baptist, so we have interesting discussions.  We will keep it up, though.

Oh, one funny thing.  We were out knocking doors this past week, and accidently came upon a "red light district" in the area.  It was kind of funny at first, but then we thought, man we better get out of here.  So yeah, intersting proselyting day!

Well, love you all.  Until next week, this is Picard, signing off.  

Love, Elder Picard

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