Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 95 April 25, 2016 "Bummed about my cyst"

      This week was a party. You know why? It is because I got a cyst on my bum and had to go to the hospital. Yes I did get an ultrasound of my bum and then a shot to follow. They almost had to do surgery but lucky the inflammation settled down after a few days. I probably was blessed because I have so many people back home praying for me everyday. Thanks everyone. Elder Yates gave me a blessing because the cyst was pretty painful and I couldn't really sit down comfortably. I just hope my cyst doesn't get an attitude and inflame again because that was not fun. This past week overall was a pretty slow one. We didn't get too many lessons or meet many people. Hopefully this week comes around and we can find some Korean investigators! 

      The military branches had district conference in 영등포 and we watched it here at the Pyeongtaek ward building. One of Elder Whiting's counselors gave a really good talk. I can't remember his name but he is the one who is not Korean. He compared a testimony to a bike. There was a guy whose bike maybe wasn't in the best shape. The handlebars were a bit crooked and the seat wasn't right but he was still able to ride it and enjoy himself. It wasn't until the tire blew out that the fun was gone. He didn't want to go out of his way to change the tire so he just put the old bike in the garage. Sadly that is what some of us do with our testimonies. We must keep our testimonies in check and constantly working on them. There will never be a time where our testimony reaches its' peak, we must always have our testimonies under construction. I hope that made sense haha. Also we as members need to help those who may have their "bikes" broken in the garage by always having our tools sharp and ready to go. As I listened to that talk I received a thought that really hit me. Satan always wants to be a Wreck it Ralph and make people miserable. The Lord needs more of us to be like Fix it Felix! He needs us to help those who are in need of repair. Just like Elder Wong said a while back in one of his talks "As we help in the rescue of souls we too are saved in the process." I know this to be true and I myself am trying to be more like Fix it Felix!!

Elder Picard

My dream Happy Birthday car!!!

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