Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 93 April 11, 2016 "Loved Conference, so blessed!"

     I hope you all had a great week because I sure did. I watched my last conference as a missionary here in Korea! I can't believe the time has flown by so fast and that next time I watch conference I will be in America. Who knows maybe I will have a girlfriend by then too ;) I will be staying in Pyeontaek until I go home and we will be getting sisters back this transfer. One of the sisters is Korean so it will be nice having a Korean missionary around. They are always great to have because they speak Korean so well. We will for sure be trying a lot of group proselyting activities now that we have a big district again. A missionary named Elder Miller who is in my group that came to Korea with me is transferring in to greenie break Elder Yates. I will miss having Elder Doyle around because he is a funny one. Next transfer will be my 15th and then I will only have one more left. I guess we will see if I get one more companion. I am hoping I get another companion because I want one more before I go home. 

       My message is simply that the Lord loves all of His children and I know that for sure. As I listened to Elder Holland's talk it opened my eyes on things I haven't either noticed or thought about for a long time. The Lord knows what we are going through and He will not get down on us if we fall. However, He for sure will be disappointed if we stop trying. God loves us and is proud when we keep trying each and everyday. We must live for tomorrow like Elder Holland said and not let failure get the best of us. I think that is what he was trying to say but if I didn't get the whole message my bad. 

Elder Picard
My little saver worked hard saving his msf and know can live like a king the last two transfers.

A little break between conference sessions, I believe he said this is the Ricks family.

Getting food ready for the Priesthood session.

All the brothers to enjoy the Priesthood session.

Priesthood session in the background. Love conference!!!

All the little guys.

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