Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 100 May 30, 2016 "Time is just such a blessing, never take it for granted!!"

     My new companion is awesome and we are doing great together. We have seen a lot of cool miracles together and it has only been a few days. The Lord for sure is blessing me with a lot of happiness and success my last transfer!! God is good and I know my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, loves me and will be with my every step of the way as I finish my mission. We have really been trying to work with the youth lately and have seen quite a bit of success. No baptisms but we are building really good friendships with a lot of high schoolers and they even view us as their older brothers. We have been playing a lot of basketball and proselyting at this one park in particular so now pretty much everyone knows us and likes us. I am not sure where my basketball skills have gone and hopefully I can get them back soon. I haven't played in too long and I need them back haha. The military branches are helping us out a ton with our investigators and there are so many great member missionaries. Members are necessary in missionary work and finding success in teaching investigators without members I have found to be very difficult. I can't wait to go home and help the missionaries in my future wards teach their investigators. It will bring back so many happy moments and I cant wait! 

      Time is a hard concept to grasp right? I think it is for sure. I remember coming out on my mission and thinking it would never end and that I would never be in my last transfer. Thinking like that was foolish of me. Instead I should of realized I can't control time and the only thing I could do was work and be happy. I didn't focus too much on the end because I never wanted it to happen but now that I am almost there I am realizing a lot of things. I think it is good to view a certain future goal or event with happiness because then you know all you have to do before you get there. Focusing and working hard in the present allows God to bless you later on because He realizes you aren't worried or scared of the future. Moving on from the past is tough and not worrying about the future likewise is difficult. Understanding time and how to view it period is tough. I have came to know that God knows all and He will help me find success and happiness. My head hurts haha. So I have no idea if I am making sense or not but hopefully you get my point. Time is just such a blessing, never take it for granted!!

Elder Picard

Our family LOVES watermelon! 

New companion, Elder Young from Vernal, Utah!

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