Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 99 May 23, 2016 "I am not just going to finish, I am going to finish STRONG!"

     Well Ladies and Gentleman, Elder Picard officially has one transfer left starting Wednesday! I have flat out loved my mission and learned so much! I do not regret one bit coming out. It has been the! So we got transfer calls and I will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Young and he is from Vernal! Crazy huh? Who knew that on my mission I would end up having a comp from Vernal, Utah? I sure didn't.  Elder Miller is also getting a new companion. His new companion will be Elder Arredondo who was trained by Elder Knapp back in Gangnam. I am pretty stoked to have two new Elders around and it should be way fun serving with them. I may have Elder Arredondo even teach me some Spanish. Since we will be loosing a lot of Elders next transfer when my group goes home they will have to shut down a lot of areas. Since we were aware of that we were guessing that two new missionaries would come in to become companions next transfer when Elder Miller and I go home. I am not sure if that is what will actually happen but that is what we were guessing will happen. So if that does happen there will be only 2 Elders and 2 Sisters here meaning that the military branches may officially lose missionaries for a bit. They still have the McPherrrons, the senior missionaries, so I think it will be okay. Also when I leave our mission will get a new mission president. President Morrise leaves before me so I will know the new mission President for about a week. President Morrise will still do my exit interview so I am stoked about that because it would be weird doing it with someone who doesn't even know me. I look forward to my last transfer and am going to leave it all on the field for sure. It is time to FINISH! I can't give up now. I am not just going to finish, I am going to finish STRONG! I look forward to a transfer full of proselyting and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have found so much happiness in teaching the gospel and will continue to do my best inviting others to come unto Christ! 

Elder Picard 

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