Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 56 August 3, 2015 "Have faith and let him help you push on and become superb!!!!"

      This Lamanite is headed back to Seoul to live the city life again. Woo hoo!!! We got transfer calls and I will be going to Seocho and my new companion will be Elder Smith. The crazy thing is I am going to the area right next to Gangnam where I was last year at this same time. So I will be riding a lot of the same subways even walking some of the same streets the only difference is this time I am not a greenie!!! I was super excited when I heard I was going to Seocho. Seocho is the second richest area behind Gangnam and ever since I served in Gangnam I called that I would serve in Seocho to because I knew I was met to live the city rich missionary boy life haha. When we got transfer calls yesterday morning I started dancing around because I was so happy :) I even met some investigators and potentials when I was in Gangnam in Seocho so now I will be able to go back and try and meet those people again! Seoul has so much people to talk to and it's the best so I am stoked to go back. Incheon is alright but I for sure like Seoul more. My new comp will go home in 2 transfers so I may end up being in Seocho for a long time which would not bother me at all! I it crazy to think during this next transfer I will hit my year mark in country. I am just becoming an old missionary by the second haha. I guess I just gotta buckle down and do the very best I can because it is show time now. 

      Our English class coordinator took us to the Pizza Hut buffet last pday and it was so good. I guess accept for the fact he knew I could eat a lot so he made me keep eating until I physically couldn't anymore haha. The way it worked was they walk around with the pizzas and you have a sign that you turn to either say you are full or you can still eat more. Every time the lady came around with the pizza the English coordinator, Bro June, always made sure my plate had pizza on it haha. I am not kidding I probably eat like 2 maybe 2 and a half full pizzas... I was stuffed. I just enjoy impressing people with my food eating skills too much and it doesn't help when they wont let me stop eating haha. Elder Dewey goes home this week and he gave a really good last district meeting last week. Everyone in the district picked there favorite hymn, we sang them, and then the person who picked that hymn bore their testimony on it. It was a really spiritual meeting and super cool. I couldn't decide what hymn to narrow it down to so I just bore my testimony on a few of them. 

       Since I have been so exhausted and tired lately I went to the hospital to get a blood test and see if anything was wrong with me. I found out that my iron count is pretty low but not low enough to get prescribed medicine for it. The doctor just said I need to tell my boss I need more sleep and that I work too hard. I guess I will just have to suck it up and fight through being tired. Just being a missionary beats you up and by the time you lay down for bed at night you are out. I met an old guy on the bus who called me like 10 min after I got off the bus saying he wanted to buy me food because I was a cool guy. Definitely a miracle but the sad thing is I am leaving so I won't be able to meet him again. I had to give my last words to the ward during Sacrament meeting at church yesterday since I am leaving and that went alright. I swear it seems like everytime I get up in front of a ward to speak my Korean disappears and I dont know what to say haha. I manage to get some words out so that was good. I will miss this ward they are awesome and help with missionary work so much!! Last night we had a fireside and all the missionaries sang at it. Our ward's missionaries did a song and I sang a duet with the Korean Elder in our ward who also goes home this week. It was a lot more scarier than I thought getting up in front of a stake to sing... while I was singing my leg wouldn't stop shaking. Doing anything in front of Koreans makes me way more nervous than usual haha. People said I did good singing so that was nice to hear I didn't blow anyone's ear drums. 

       Well I have learned a lot these past two transfers and am thankful to have learned so much. Elder Ely and I had some hard times but it was good because I learned a lot from those times. One thing I have come to realize is that not just on mission but in life we are given hard times for a reason. Everything is for some sort of reason. It may stink in the moment and you may wonder why in the world is this happening to me but I can assure you that things happen for a reason. If this life were just fun and games we would never learn anything and wouldn't be able to become the people we were sent here to become. We are in the refiners fire during this life but we have no need to worry. The reason why is because the Lord knows what we need to improve and He give us just that. He loves us so much and can see our potential so that is why He pushes us. Have faith and let him help you push on and become superb!!!! 

Elder Picard

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