Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 58 August 17, 2015 Man I am spoiled here in Korea. My life is too good :)

      I have my fingers crossed that summer is almost over because this humidity is killing me haha. I will never ever move so where it is humid that is for sure. It rained quite a bit this week so that was nice. Whenever it rains here you never know it just kind of comes and starts raining at the most random times. Seems like it always starts raining when I don't have an umbrella too but its alright because I like that rain. Last pday deep cleaning our house was fun but man was it nasty. Some missionaries just dont know how to clean whatsoever haha. Our walls pretty much are all stained but we couldn't do much about that because our house is just stinkin old. It looks a lot better now and it is nice living in a cleaner house. That night after cleaning we went to one of our member's restaurants called Yoyoma's Kitchen and it was super tasty. We got steak and pasta so that was a super nice why to finish off a stinky day of cleaning. 

       Recently in our mission we have been emphasizing the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it all the time when we proselyte. So at our zone training this week we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how to better our proselyting. The Book of Mormon is just awesome and since sometimes you can forget the true power of it you gotta always be studying it. Of course I use it while I proselyte but it can be easy to get side tracked and not be bold while I proselyte because I am scared of how people will react so I just resort to saying we teach free English. I am going to really try and use the Book of Mormon from here on out in all of my conversations because I need to. Our church is blessed to have the Book of Mormon and I need to always be sharing those blessings I have received with others. We weekly planned at one of our tabs so I think we will make that a tradition from here on out because they have air conditioning and it is a lot better planning there then at our hot house. 

        This week my comp and I were blessed with a super cool service opportunity. We were coming home and in one of the subways we stopped at we saw these 2 guys that looked to be deaf and in their 20s who were struggling to carry their bikes down the stairs so we helped them. My comp learned a bit of Korean sign language in his last area so that really helped. Luckily one of the guys could hear and speak a bit but we still had to write down a bunch of stuff on a paper in order to communicate. While we helped them get on the train one of them didn't get on somehow and disappeared. The one that didn't get on was completely deaf so it was incredibly hard to find him. We got off at the next stop and went back to the previous stop to see if he was there but he wasn't. The one we were with had a phone but it died so he used ours to txt his friend. After a while of carrying his bike, running all over the place, and even going into the other mission we finally found his friend. I will probably never forget that experience because man I was blessed to have received it. 

         We played soccer and basketball with the Young Men's and the YM's leaders this week so that was really fun. After playing we had Korean breakfast food for lunch so that was really weird and I will probably never do that again haha. I still need American breakfast foods in the morning haha. An English class member named Yeong took us out to eat this week. We went to Subway for my first time in Korean and man do I miss Subway, it was so good!!! He was still hungry afterwards so then he took us to a Brazilian grill and we got steak! Man I am spoiled here in Korea. My life is too good :) haha. Yesterday some lady at church said my forehead was wrinkly so that was kind of weird to hear. Korean people are just a lot more blunt than Americans so I just kind of took it haha. I like my forehead so its whatever if it is wrinkly. Last night while walking to our dinner appointment we got soaked because we gave away our umbrellas to people that needed them more than we did. When we got to the members house we were drenched head to toe and they just kind of looked at us like huh? haha. The wife of the family we met last night made tacos! They were so good. She made like a taco bar and there was even guacamole. She just looked online and gave some Mexican recipes a shot. I was in heaven. I love tacos!!! The members gave us umbrellas to take home but we ended up giving those out too so we were just wet yesterday. 

          Well today I want to end on this quote I found that is super good. "If you ever need a helping hand, look at the end of your arm." When I read this I just kind of laughed to myself because usually I dont look at the end of my arm. I will now try my best to look at the end of my arm. I know from experience that service brings blessings and that when we serve God is happy. So lets just go out and serve somebody I need this week!!! 

Elder Picard

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