Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 57 August 10, 2015 "God guides us, His children, with that still small voice"

     So maybe I didn't invent it but this week I made a sandwich that is sooooo yummy! So this nummy sandwich is a peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich. So good!!! You all for sure need to try it sometime. Well this past week involved a lot of packing and moving all my heavy luggage. I said a lot of goodbyes to my last ward and will for sure miss them because they are great. We met Will and BJ at the airport for dinner. Will is Korean and BJ is American they were really cool members that always hooked us up with food and stuff. Anyways being out at the airport was super crazy. The last time I was there was about a year ago and my mind was all over the place because I recognized everything. My new area is awesome. I love it here, Seocho is great!! 

      My new comp is Elder Smith and he is from Arizona. He goes home in two transfers so he will probably be the first comp I kill. By kill I mean like I will be he last comp before he goes home. My new house is alright. It is kind of old but it is okay. The whole mission will be cleaning their houses today because missionaries don't know how to clean and a lot of the houses are trashed. I am pretty excited to clean so that I don't have to live in a mess anymore. I will be cleaning all day today so that should be pretty fun. This area is literally right next to Gangnam so I have already walked on a lot of the streets in this area. So I am pretty much already familiar with it. Our church building is up on top of a pretty decently big hill so that stinks but after all it is exercise I need haha. My district leader in my last area Elder Dewey went home this past week and I just wanted to give him a shout out and just say that he is the best district leader I have ever had. He taught me so much and I will miss him. He was such a good missionary and I will continue to look up to him. He truly was always so happy and loved being a missionary. I hope by the end of my mission I will develop the attitude he had and become a solid consecrated missionary like he was. 

      My new area of course since it is right next to Gangnam is super rich maybe even richer than Gangnam! We have two tabs here. We have a member in our ward who pays for us to eat at these 2 restaurants once a week. We just go and after we are done eating we sign our name and then the member comes and pays for it later. It is so awesome!! I for sure am so grateful because man it is nice to eat out for free. We went and proselyted on Gangnam Daero this past week and that was super weird. Gangnam Daero is the road I would tract on all the time back in Gangnam and since Seocho is right next to Gangnam that road is our area too! This time tracting there I wasn't a greenie so it was super weird. I love that road you can talk to so many people it is great! We went into a bookstore called Kyobo and while we were in there I was talking to this guy and I saw this thing out of the corner of my eyes. At first I thought it was a dog but turns out it was a squirrel!! I saw a squirrel. Then it started running all over the store and everyone was freaking out trying to catch it. Some of the workers finally caught it but it was super funny and way weird to experience that. 

       Yesterday at church we had a baptism. My comp Elder Smith baptized her. Her name is Femme and she is just the sweetest lady you'd ever meet. She has met with the missionaries for a while and finally got baptized so it was super cool. She has such a strong testimony it is incredible. The first time I met her was this past week right before her baptism and I just got the warmest feeling of the Spirit being around her. Her testimony may even be stronger than some of our members haha. She is awesome!! I had to introduce myself in sacrament meeting and my talk went really well. A lot of the ward came up and talked to me after sacrament meeting like we were already best friends. I don't know what I did but this ward I think already loves me. I just gotta keep working hard and not disappoint them. A guy even came up after sacrament meeting wanting to give me a referral, that never happens! Pres and Sister Morrise came to our ward yesterday. After President heard me speak Korean he was amazed and said next time I say I am not good he will just be like ah shut up haha. Now that I think about it I have progressed a lot and am doing really well with the language. I just gotta speak because yesterday speaking with everyone at church I proved to myself that I can do it. 

         Well anyways I will end with something I read this morning in a book by Henry B. Eyring called "Draw Closer to God." I was reading about the Spirit and how it communicates with us and the way it does is with a still small voice. A lot of times nowadays we and I myself are too loud or too focused on things of this world to hear the Spirit. The Spirit will not yell but instead whispers so we really gotta listen. Then when we hear we got to act on promptings. The more we act on promptings the more the Spirit will prompt us. If we don't act on promptings why would the Spirit want to keep prompting us? I am going to try really hard to from here on out do the best I can to listen to the Spirit and to act on all promptings. God guides us, His children, with that still small voice. So we gotta listen to it. I know Christ lives and I know God hears all of His children's prayers and I know He WILL answer them in their due time. 

Elder Picard

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