Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 61 September 7, 2015 "My life is goood, really goooood."

    I got my pills!! Thanks Mom, you are the best. I hope they help and give me lots of energy while also helping my tummy not to hurt haha. I will try and find a greens pill or start eating lemons. I think a lot of me being so tired was just the humidity and heat of the summer. It is starting to cool off and I don't feel as tired because my body likes the cold haha. I loved the pics and letters too so thanks for sending those. I love getting pics and can never have too much so feel free to send um anytime! For pday last week we had a ping pong tournament at our church with some missionaries from other areas. It was super fun but one of the Koreans destroyed everyone and won the tourney. I am getting pretty good though so I will probably be the ping pong master when I get home. We have 4 ping pong tables at the church and play every Saturday with our English class so I get lots of good practice. I did ab ripper x a few mornings this week and man is that a good work out when you dont have much time to exercise in the morning. This area continues to feed me a lot so my tummy is happy all of the time. It is such a blessing to be in a wealthy area where people always want to feed you. My life is goood, really goooood. 

        A family from our ward took us to this super nice chinese restaurant called Chai 797 and it was super tasty. The portions were small but the food was great! They even had peanuts as a side so I was loving it because peanuts are the best! After eating we went to their house and it was super nice, they even had a robot vacuum thing! We ate these super good ice cream sandwiches with them and shared a lesson. I asked for a referral at the end because I need to get better at doing that and they had some neighbors who have met the missionaries before. On Sunday the Mom of the family who fed us told us that their neighbor has been in the hospital so we might go give him a blessing with her husband. It would be a really cool experience because the man who we would give the blessing to is not a member and is part of the family they wanted to refer to us.This week I found some cheap bulgogi so I have been eating that with rice and veggies for lunch and it has been great. As a missionary you don't have too much money or room for food in the fridge so you usually by something and eat the same thing until all the food is gone from the fridge haha. So with the repetition of cooking the same things a few times a week you get really good at cooking that specific meal. We met our investigators, Brother 조범진 and Sister 이민자, and both lessons with them went really good. We took Brother Jo to our tab and then watched the Restoration video with him at the church. I think we are building a pretty good relationship with him and that he has a bit of interest about the gospel. He is the referral we got from the member last week so we should have some pretty good support while teaching him too that will help. Sister Lee is doing really well. We gave her a huge family Book of Mormon that is as big as a math text book because she wanted one. She can't see very good so she was super stoked when we gave her the big one and said that she will read the whole thing now! 

         We had interviews with President this week. He and Sister Morrise came to our house to make sure it was clean and we did our interviews there. President always has really good advice and tips so it is nice talking with him. He always knows just what I need to hear and truly does care for me. I am so blessed to be in Korea and have such an awesome mission president. Some English class members from Gangnam randomly showed up at our English class so it was super nice to see them. It was a happy reunion for sure! Tonight a member is taking us out for pancakes at some place in Gangnam so I am pretty excited about that. 

          I read in Enos this week and learned a ton. Enos was the man!! He had such strong faith and knew He had to put His trust in the Lord. He truly gave up his will and let the Lord change him into the person he needed to be. I think giving up our will to the Lord is one of the hardest things. It requires a lot of humility on our part and is just tough. I hope by the end of my mission I can do just what Enos did and submit myself willing. Also I learned that a lot of the time in progression it is our bodies that hold us back. What I mean is our spirits most of the time are willing it is just our flesh that holds us back. I am going to try and not let my spirit be overpowered and let my flesh halt my progression. Another thing that we gotta realize to progress is that God is good and we are just okay. Even Jesus said God is the only one who is good and man does that take some humility to say that!! (Mark 10:17-18) Well I hope this all made sense sorry if my English is no good. You gotta give my a break I am trying to learn Korean over here haha ;) 

Elder Picard

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