Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 64 September 28, 2015 Chuseok Holiday Round 2 for me here in Korea!

      Well tomorrow I hit my year and 1 month in country so that is pretty crazy! It is hard to believe in have been here that long. This week felt like forever when I am now looking back on it. This whole week for some reason my tummy hasn't been doing so hot. I have been taking all the pills and everything. I just feel like Korea and being a missionary has rocked my tummy haha.  Overall I eat really healthy. I don't think it is bad enough to have to go see a doctor but I will give it a few weeks and if it doesn't get better I might.

        I had an interview with President this week and he had a lot of really good advice. Like always it was nice to talk to him and get some good advice. He definitely knows what is up and always knows what I need to hear. We proselyted one day this week all day at this huge shopping place called Shinsegae and talked to a lot of people! We are going to have to for sure go there again. We met this foreign couple and it was funny because the girl's last name was Picard with a k "Pickard" and the boy's first name was Daniel. His middle name even started with a "J" so they made my name! haha. After walking around for a while we took a break and got bubble tea. While we were drinking our bubble tea this guy came in there was no one in the cafe so it was just him, the worker girl, and us. After he got his drink he sat down by himself at a table not too far from us. For some odd reason I felt that I should say hi to him so I did. I then eventually asked him to come and sit by us and he did. He spoke English pretty good and has been wanted to practice conversation so he was super happy he got to with us. After he noticed my BofM sitting on the table he asked me about it because he had never seen it before. We then taught him about the BofM and he responded really well to our message. After talking for a while he had to go and before he left he even accepted the BofM and we got his number too!! That was a cool miracle this week that a wanted to share. We are going to contact him again and see if we can start meeting him. 

          We had a two day Chuseok conference and that was really fun. I could talk about it more it detail but I dont have time because it would take forever. We did this cool proselyting activity at Olympic Park for it in Songpa. We learned how to sing the Korean national anthem and then went and sang it as a mission in the park so that was pretty cool. I cant even imagine how shocked everyone in the park was that a bunch of foreigners were singing their national anthem. On the way home from the Chuseok conference I sat down next to this guy on the subway and he proceeded to ask me in English "Are you Mormon?" He turned out to have a friend who was serving a mission in Chile!! The guy studied in England so he spoke English super good and the whole conversation was in English. I had a super good conversation with him and before he got off the train I felt impressed to give him my BofM so I did. I told him that his friend would want him to read it and that his friend would be happy if he read it. He took it along with my name card. I couldn't get his number in time so I am just hoping that he calls.

           What I want to end on today is something that President taught me this week. He shared two scriptures with me (1 Peter 2:20 & 3 Nephi 12:29) and then talked about this importance of learning how to always recognize your faults instead of always blaming others. He talked about how important it was to have the attitude "its my fault" instead of the attitude "it is your fault." At times it may not even be your fault but those are the times where it is all the more important to learn how to take it and say it is your fault. Lets say someone gets made at you and you react in a mad manner as well. You and I both know that if you react in this way nothing good will come out of the situation. Instead think to yourself "did I do something to make the other person angry or upset?" If you think about it odds are you probably did or said something to make that person mad. I still am working on this and I hope in time I can come to notice that it is my fault instead or blaming others. The scriptures President shared with me explain what I just tried a lot better so maybe take a look at those haha. Till next time!!

Elder Picard

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