Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 62 September 14, 2015 "Attitude determines our happiness"

 We got transfer calls and I will be staying in Seocho!! My companion Elder Smith goes home at the end of this transfer so he will be the first companion I kill. Seocho is great and we are still managing to get lots of food. We called a lot of people this week and got a good number of appointments so this week was pretty busy. We ate with all the people we met and some of them even had gospel interest so that was a miracle. Most of the time they only have English interest but we have been getting lucky lately. Elder Smith and I have seen a lot of miracles serving together so it has been great. Seocho is just a great area and I love Seoul so much. It for sure in my opinion is way better than Incheon. Incheon was alright but Seoul is where it is at. There are just so many people here to talk to, it's grrreaat! 

      On Monday night a member named Bro Ju took us out to this place in Gangnam called Butterfinger Pancakes and man was it tasty!! I haven't had breakfast for dinner in too long. Better yet I haven't had good pancakes and french toast in way too long. I for sure was super grateful because you can't find good American food like that in Korea too often. Well you can but it is always super over priced and you just don't have the money for it. So then when a member takes you out for something like that it is a straight miracle haha. We met Robert one last time before he left for LDSBC so it was good to spend time with him. I am going to miss that kid. He was pretty funny and always gave me a good laugh. We met our investigator Sister Lee this week and she took us out for dinner then we taught her at the Church with our ward mission leader who always teaches her with us. She is kind of old and can't understand us too great for some reason so we have to teach her with our ward mission leader. The lesson with her went great and I even asked her if she would get baptized at the end. She then responded "Isn't that why I am meeting you guys? To get baptized?" and that is just the question you want your investigators to ask. I haven't baptized anyone yet on my mission but I think she could be the first! She is just the sweet little old lady and is truly searching for the truth. We are going to have Bro Choi, our ward mission leader, give her a baptismal date this week so we will see how that goes. 

        I went on an exchange with Elder Perkes and jeez did we have a crazy day. We ate lunch with this guy I met on the street and then went over to his workplace. He was trying to get me to translate some documents he had and there was no way I could of. He works for the UN International Bank or something and I did not know the vocab to translate want he wanted me to so I just said I couldn't it. He then blew me up with a bunch of Korean I did not know saying big numbers and stuff so I just did what I could. I understand a lot more than I thought I would but we will have to go back and meet him with a member. We were able to then teach him and he even accepted a Book of Mormon. Then on top of that we even got a return appointment which means a new investigator!  Elder Perkes and I were out walking around to our next appointment and saw this huge foreigner eating chicken outside a chicken house so of course I had to say hello. I greeted him and asked where he was from and then he told us he couldn't finish all his chicken and invited us to seat down and eat! This guy used to be a body builder and is now a fitness trainer down on the US base in Pyeongtek so he was huge. We didn't get a pic with him but I wish we would of. We talked to him about a lot of stuff and he had a ton of questions about our church. It was a super cool experience. Idk if he will ever meet missionaries again but at least now he knows who we are. That night we met Femme, our recent convert, in Gangnam for dinner. We went back pretty far into Gangnam so it was weird being back on my old stomping grounds. 

         We got blessed with the opportunity to help this old man change his tire. He was really struggling so we asked him if he needed help. I didn't do much but the other Elders in my district who knew what they were doing helped him. I will be honest I don't know how to change a tire so I just kind of watched. I probably will need to learn how to do some of those "manly" things when I get home because I was too much of a "pretty boy" before my mission haha. We met 2 potentials for dinners this week. One of them took us to Subway and his name was Mr. Kim. He was super cool and I think he may be interested in starting the 30/30 program. We also went to Smoothie King with him and then we had to head home. The other guy took us to this place and we just got rice bowls with chicken. His name was Vaniel and was an interesting dude to say the least. He said he loved black people and that he hung out with them all of the time when he lived in New Zealand. He did this black man accent that was hilarious. We then went to McDs and had a lot of ice cream. Vaniel gave my companion the nickname "Ice-cream Baby Monster" because he said he ate ice cream like a baby haha. After greeting some drunk old guy in the line of McDs he told me I was handsome and then bought us McFlurries. He gave us his name card and said to call him and that he would buy us food haha. Korea is great! People just always want to feed us :) I could go on and on about this past week but it would take way too long to type and I dont have that much time. 

          I would just like to end of a quote I found in the missionary's quote book. The writer of the quote was anonymous and this was the quote "We can either complain that roses have thorns or we can thank God that thorns have roses." Attitude determines our happiness. God has blessed me with so much in my life and continues to bless me everyday of my mission. When I find a thorn (trial, difficulty, etc.) I have so many roses in my life a few little thorns don't matter. This life is so beautiful and we are so blessed with the opportunity to come here, progress, and prepare to meet God. I love you all so much and lets together try our best to thank God thorns have roses!

Elder Picard

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