Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 65 October 5, 2015 "they shall mount up with wings as eagles"

     It's October!!! This past week was a good one because I gotta ate lasagna. A sister in the ward invited us over for dinner and asked me what I wanted to eat. I then asked her if she knew how to make lasagna and to my surprise she did. I was in heaven because I hadn't eaten lasagna for like 2 years. They also hooked us up and gave us a ton of bulgogi to take home so now our frig is loaded with meat. Seocho ward is the greatest. They are too generous and always make sure us missionaries get spoiled. I can't even imagine how awesome Christmas will be here. Good thing I have been exercising because if I didn't I would for sure get obese in this ward haha. I don't wanna go home a big boy so I gotta keep exercising. 
     Recently we have been trying to figure out ways to up our proselyting game because it is so hard in Seoul to find people on the street. We did a lot of English stickerboarding on Gangnam Daero this week and were able to talk with a lot of people. I even danced a little bit to get peoples attention because they kept ignoring us and it worked. I most still have it because a bunch of people stopped and watched me dance then talked to us. We usually stickerboard outside this store with music so I wasn't just dancing without music haha because that would be weird. People really enjoy taking pictures with us too for some reason so maybe we will just go next time with a sign that says free pictures with Americans and see if that works to pick up investigators or English class members. It is always fun going back to Gangnam Daero because we talk with a lot of foreigners. On the way home we talked with these Amish people in Baskin Robbins and they were pretty nice. We were walking past Baskin Robbins and their kids were staring at us so I went inside and said hi haha. It is always nice to have a conversation in English with Americans. It is super hard too though because I feel like everything I say is awkward and doesn't make sense. It is just so much more comfortable speaking in Korean haha. 

       We changed Sister Lee's baptismal date to October 17 because November 1 is Stake conference. I have said it many times before but I will say it again, Sister Lee is amazing. She pretty much is our grandma and treats us like her grandchildren. She has already read all of the Book of Mormon, D&C, and is now working on the Pearl of Great Price. She for sure is "golden" and came to us so prepared to hear the gospel. It is such a blessing to have been able to teach her all of the lessons and witness her incredible conversion. Her son should be able to baptize her so that will be a really cool! He isn't in our Seocho ward and lives above the Han River but we have planned for him to come down and baptize his Mom, Sister Lee. After we taught her this past week she insisted on taking us out for dinner. We ate chicken ribs,닭갈비, and it was super good. Our ward had a hiking activity where we picked up trash and hiked. There wasn't too much trash at all so we pretty much just hiked and it was super fun. I also took a bunch of pictures and climbed some trees like a crazy monkey haha. After the hike we went out to eat with all of the ward. We ate at the Mandarin and got hooked up. The ward just kept ordering us stuff so we ate a ton haha. Later that night we had another meal where Sister 최명숙 went all out and cooked us a 3 course meal! I think Seocho might almost have Gangnam beat on the amount of food I have eaten. Yesterday Elder Smith and I got the wonderful opportunity of giving a blessing to a member in our ward's neighbor who is in the hospital. The man was probably in his 60s and isn't doing too hot so we gave him a blessing. I did the anointing and Elder Smith did the blessing. It was super nerve racking because it was in Korean but the spirit definitely took over and it was all good. The man couldn't speak so after the blessing it was really quite but you could feel the spirit really strong. 

        I was reading this past week and came across the scripture my dad loves so I will end by sharing it. It is Isaiah 40:31. The Lord sometimes blesses us a lot slower than we would wish. I for sure have come to realize this on my mission. The Lord wants us to be patience and knows our potential so sometimes he waits to bless us. I know that through the Lord Jesus Christ our weaknesses can become strengths and that He will never leave any of His children behind. When we draw closer to God He will through His son renew us with strength! 
31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strengththey  shall mount up with wings as eaglesthey shall runand nobe weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Elder Picard

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