Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 68 October 26, 2015 "Happy Birthday Grandma Peggy!!!"

   Happy Birthday shout out from Korea to my the best grandma, Grandma Peggy I love you!
Elder Smith goes home in a few days. He has been a great companion and I will miss him.  Excited to meet my new companion Elder Whitney.  I have learned the importance of talking to everyone I possibly can. Don't leave anyone behind, the parable of the lost sheep is good to remember. Christ loves all his children. I need to always be on the search for the one.
    I am reading the Doctrine and Covenants and New Testament. I have set a goal to be done in 2 months. Then I will try and read the Old Testament, cover to cover.  I learned recently if things weren't bitter than you couldn't taste the sweet. If we didn't have trials or bitterness, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the sweet or good times. You need to accept the bitter to find the sweet. Be grateful for the agency to choose, and make good choices.
    We are starting to have a movie night once a month for our english class. Our first movie was Chariot of Fires and I really didn't understand it very well, I guess I don't really get British Movies.
I am king of the house in ping pong, getting really good. I could probably even beat EJ.
    Thursday we were able to go the temple. It was wonderful. I love the temple. We had an appointment that night but got punked so we ended up going to dinner at our tab.
    I was able to meet one of my dad's good childhood friends, Luke Wardle. He lives in China and had great stories about my dad as a kid and teenager.  I love my dad, he is the best man I know. He had some crazy mission stories in Taiwan where he served that he shared with us.
    John 1:7-8 talks about how we are all a light and we need to remember how important our example is for others. Sometimes I forgot I am a light and I don't shine it for others or am not the example I need to be. I need to remember everyday to shine my light for Christ.
    Having a testimony is not just for us but for others. Our testimony can be an example for others and help others. I have really never thought my testimony is for others, just that is was for me.  Christ blesses us with a testimony so we can share it with others. I have been blessed with a happy disposition and need to remember to always be happy and give my best.  I shouldn't use excuses about being tired, etc. I am trying to be better with my prayers. If you have any tips please share them with me.
    I had a great talk with President Morrise. He was so kind in all the wonderful things he said about me. I know I can be really hard on myself and need to be kinder to me. Please keep praying for me, I feel your prayers.
    I get to meet Elder Smiths family as they are coming to pick up their son. It will be great. That would be fun to have my sister and parents pick me up. I found out July 8th is my date to fly home. President will fly home July 1st and so I will be with the new president for a week and then leave for home.
    I love my family. I love getting letters. Dad writes me every week and it was great to get a letter from Sara.  Thanks for all your support.  I really like getting letters that give me tips or ways I could improve. I would love to get stories of when you have felt the Spirit, or when you were converted. That builds me up and is so great to share with others in Korea.  I shared dads conversion story with Brother Wardle and it brought him to tears.  The Wardle family was my dads first influence of the church. I am so grateful for them and for the wonderful eternal family I am belong to.
I love Korea, I love the people, I love the food.
I love you all.
Elder Picard

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