Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 67 October 19, 2015 "My first baptism!"

       I had my first baptism, it was awesome. Sister Lee was so ready and baptizing her was such a cool experience. The spirit was so strong and it was an experience I will never forget. Now I look forward to continuing to help Sister Lee progress in the gospel towards going to the temple and beyond. I have yet to meet her husband but it would be really cool if we could start meeting with him and help him come unto the waters of baptism. It was just such a neat experience taking someone all the way from the beginning to receiving baptism which as we all know isn't the end. This is my last full week with Elder Smith and we already get transfer calls again Saturday!! Times flies when you are having fun serving the Lord. It is going to be super weird getting a new comp like always. I am pretty good at making friends but getting a new comp is a completely different story. Instead of becoming friends you have to become brothers since you are together 24/7 so it is significantly harder. Elder Smith will be the first comp I have taken to the death of his mission and it has been really weird. Just cause like he is going home and I haven't been home for a while so it is hard not to get trunky and stay focused sometimes but I am doing good so don't worry. His Dad is actually coming to pick him up and I may even meet him and Elder Knapp's Dad so that will be neat. Also Luke Wardle called this past week and we are going to meet this week so that will be cool meeting one of Dad's old friends. As of right now we have no investigators so it is back to the finding since our one investigator just got baptized. Finding is always the hardest part so wish me some luck and hopefully we can find some good potentials. We found a few decent potentials this past week so maybe we can pick them up in the near future. 

       Friday we had a Mission Tour and Elder Whiting from the Quorum of the 70 came. Man did he have some stuff to say. We straight up got spanked haha. Well not literally but a lot of vocal spankings. It was hard to take but we as a mission for sure needed it and I learned a lot from his training. Our mission most definitely is not disobedient what it came down to was the fact of us not getting many baptisms and how it was unacceptable. A while back Korea did really good with baptisms but missionaries lately have been to stuck on the fact that Korea is hard. So Elder Whiting said we need more faith and we also need to destroy all doubt. Like it says in the scriptures nothing is impossible with God and His only Begotten Son in the picture. I think since it is so hard to get baptisms here it is super easy to doubt and just accept having no baptisms. Don't get me wrong I am not saying I have never thought or said those things but now I know more of why I have to destroy all of that. I having been trying to work on my faith but man is it hard. I can do it though because like Elder Whiting said they only send the very best missionaries to Asia. I don't know how I could be considered that great but from here on out I am going to try and be and do the very best I can and not accept anything less than that!!!! 

Elder Picard

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