Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 66 October 12, 2015 "I need to allow God to shape me into who He needs me to be"

The weather is starting to cool off so that has been super nice. We have to wear suits now all of the time so nights are nice but sometimes the sun comes out during the day and gets me hot:( haha. Man conference is always just so great. Especially when you get to watch it as a missionary it makes it that much more meaningful and better. I received a bunch of good tips now I just gotta make them apart of me and how I do missionary work. I can't just talk the talk now can I? No, I gotta walk the walk. This transfer keeps coming close to an end which means my comp, Elder Smith, goes home really soon and I get a new comp. I mostly like will finally go senior and have to give up my diapers haha. I like my diapers and being senior just seems like stress sometimes so if I don't go I will be fine with that. I started a goal to finish the New Testament and D&C in 70 days. Studying that has been really good and I just learn so much. We will see if I can stick with the goal because sometimes I gotta study other things and prepare for stuff.

      We have been proselyting a lot lately because that is really all we can do here haha. We went to Gangnam Daero and did some more stickerboarding (English Class advertising). We always talk to a ton of people but haven't managed to pick up a ton of new students :( Oh yeah and wow are some foreigners not nice people at all. Anytime I see a foreigner I ask them where they are from and I have received super rude responses telling me to leave them alone. I have managed to keep my head and not get frustrated but when they are so rude to you for asking a simple question it is hard. While we were in Gangnam proselyting a guy took a pic of my hairstyle and said it was cool. So maybe ill be famous? haha. I dont even remember how I did my hair but apparently it was cool. Sister Lee is doing great and we taught her two times this week. The second time we taught I was on an exchange with Elder Kim, our ZL, so it was super nice having 2 Koreans there to help teach. I didn't have to say too much just like simply testifying and stuff it was great. Being with Elder Kim for a day makes me really want a Korean companion. It was super nice because he is fluent in the language and was there to teach and correct me. He taught me so much Korean in just one day of an exchange and really helped me want to speak Korean. I guess I just have to be really obedient, pray, and maybe if it is what I need I will get a Korean companion at some point (knock on wood) haha. 

        We met this lady who is in her late 20s that has a lot of questions about our church so we may be able to pick her up as an investigator. We met her while eating with Femme, our recent convert, she was sitting at the table next two us and asked while we were eating if we were Mormon. We of course said yes and then she said that she really likes NuSkin from Utah haha. She turned out to actually have a lot of good questions and maybe even some potential. We planned to meet again this week so we will see what happens. Elder Smith and I went and played basketballFriday night at the place with all the courts. We have tried just about every method to find so we thought we would give basketball a try. We actually were able to talk to a ton of people and it was really good. So many people over there spoke English and were Koreans that lived in America so that was cool. We are going to start going over there every Friday for a bit to ball and make the missionaries known over there. 

         Well I will end on a few things I learned from conference. If I said everything I learned it would take forever and I dont have enough time. I really liked President Uchtdorf's talk he gave in the Priesthood Session. I had a really cool spiritual experience because of what he spoke about. As you all know my name is Daniel so when he starts talking about Daniel the prophet it was really cool. Since my name is Daniel, I like Daniel the prophet should be a believer and be able to live under peer pressure. Daniel the prophet was the man and had so much faith in Heavenly Father and never gave up. I just gotta believe like Daniel and not doubt. Along with that belief I need to allow God to shape me into who He needs me to be. I will do this by forgetting myself and realizing this mission, my life, everything, is the Lord's. It will be hard but I want to be a pretty pot so I gotta stay on the wheel and let the Master Potter shape me!

Elder Daniel Jackson Picard 
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