Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 69 November 2, 2015 "Show your love for God by loving and serving others"

   After emailing for pday we went home and Elder Smith got all packed up. We met up with his dad and brothers, I can't believe he is heading home. We have got along really well and I will miss him. It made me a little trunky seeing his family, but I am so glad I have 8 months to get to work in Korea. Missions are the best!
   My new companion is Elder Whitney from Fredricksburg, VA so that is so cool since I lived there as a little guy. We are getting along great and I am excited to serve with him.  His first name is Thomas so you now I love that #TheRinger.
   I was so sad to hear of Caleb Maclachans passing. He was a great friend and I feel bad I didn't stay in better contact with him. Please let his family know I am praying for them. Hopefully Caleb will forgive me for not staying in contact and being a better friend.
   We had an awesome lesson with Femme our convert from when I first got to Seocho! She had a lot of questions we were able to answer.  She is amazing! Learning and growing so much! We talked about prayer, faith and keeping the Sabbath day holy.
    They don't celebrate Halloween in Korea so it was just another day.
    Today was Stake Conference, and it was a great day! So awesome! Micheal went with us. He is an older guy in his 50's. (I think Elder Picard forgot his super young dad is 53). We saw Elder Smith and his family and so that was good to. I also met Elder Knapps family and they are awesome! His dad looks like the men from Duck Dynasty. I also got to meet Elder Knapps trainer, so it was good to meet him since he talked about him all the time. It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Knapp, he was definitely a favorite companion. He is from Provo and so I told him to get in contact with my family. I also promised him my dad would make indian tacos, so hopefully you can do that dad. I also felt pretty famous at Stake Conference because people from Gangnam were there and were so excited to see me.  It made me feel pretty great about myself and very loved. I loved Gangnam and all the members were so good to me.  One of my best buddies is the bishop now. They said I looked skinny and that they would feed me if I came visited. They remembered my last testimony before I left and told me how good it was. Also that I make them happy with my smiling face. So I need to remember to always be happy. They told me my Korean has improved so much also.
   We are going to start showing a movie in the park to find investigators and this is a thought our ward mission leader had. We have been having a hard time finding investigators so hopefully this will be successful.
    Something I want to share is I can personally show my love for the Lord by loving others and by serving them. Sometimes its hard to express our love for other people, but I have noticed when I serve people I feel more love for them and for God. I have been set apart as a missionary and I need to show more faith in myself, focus on the work and doing the best I can.
   We went back to the gym we found last week and the owners are so nice. We set up an appointment to teach them English and hopefully they will find gospel interest also.
   We met someone from Mexico, his name is Chris. We are going to meet up with him soon and hopefully we can start teaching him.
   I love you all. Thank dad for writing me letters every week. I love all the emails but letters are just the best. I feel so blessed to have the family I do.

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