Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 70 November 9, 2015 "If you cannot win yourself, then make the one ahead of you break the record."

     Recently I have been reading a lot during my personal study in the New Testament and the Doctrine and Covenants because I have never read all the way through both of them. I had a goal to read all of the standard works before the end of the year but I am not sure I will get through the Old Testament, it is too long haha. I actually now that I think about it need to look back at the goals I set because it is getting close to the end of the year and I haven't been the best at checking my progress. I will admit I kind of forgot I set those goals last year.... oops. I will for sure find them and take a look Sunday at what more I have to do. I have seen myself progress a lot throughout this last year so I just gotta keep that up and make it easier to progress by always keeping in mind what I need to improve on and what the goals I set. 

       I had a super good week and learned a ton during personal study. What I want to share this week is a scripture in D&C. It is D&C 62:23 which goes a little something like this... 
2 And verily mine eyes are upothose who have not as yet gone up unto the land of Zion; wherefore your mission is not yet full.
Nevertheless, ye are blessedfor the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins are 
forgiven you.
 Basically  it says our testimonies are recorded in Heaven. When we share our testimonies with others God is happy with us. When we show others the joy the gospel brings by sharing our testimonies with them it is then that we draw closer to Jesus Christ. After studying about this I couldn't help but share my testimony with my ward yesterday. It was nerve racking for sure but I could feel the spirit so strong and I knew that God accepted my testimony and was grateful I had the guts to share it. There is another quote I found in the Missionary's Little Quote Book I want to share. I am going to try and connect the two as best as I can so we will see how it goes. "If you cannot win yourself, then make the one ahead of you break the record." As I read this I kind of connected back to the fact that we can help others "break the record" by sharing our testimonies with them. By doing this we can love helping others come unto Christ. Which seems like the biggest record you could ever set, knowing who your Savior is!! So I would encourage you all to go out there and share your testimony of this Gospel any chance you get and I will do the same over here in Seoul! 
Our recent convert Sister Lee is doing amazing! She is so solid. We had an opportunity to visit Femme and give her a blessing. Her mother was there and luckily we were able to call a member on short notice to come over and he helped us give her mother an amazing lesson. The Spirit was so strong and she had some really good questions. I am so excited to be able to start teaching her the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had so many miracles this week, the work is progressing well in Seocho! Thank you to all my family & friends for all the prayers and continued support through emails and letters, it means so much to me.

Elder Picard

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