Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 76 December 21, 2015 "It's not about the lights, it's about the love"

     I can't believe Christmas is in 4 days! Time flies when you are having fun as a missionary for sure. I feel like it was summer just yesterday and I was wondering if Christmas would ever even come. I am so excited to Skype you guys, it will for sure be college level. I am hoping that I get to be Santa Claus again like I was last year. It is crazy to think that last Christmas I was right next door in Gangnam. Dont forget to keep me in your prayers that I get to be Santa ;) haha. We haven't been able to meet Sister Lee or Femme for a while because Femme is in America and Sister Lee is too busy to meet this month. She comes to church still so at least I get to see and talk to her once a week. Sister Lee is still just amazing and doing great. Femme texted us a few times and she seems to be doing good in America and isn't stressed so that's good. 

     The message I wanna share today is something President told us at our Christmas Conference. President taught me a lot and I learned a bunch of cool stuff. He talked a lot about the importance of forgetting ourselves and serving others. Like how we have to swallow our pride in order to have the spirit and to teach with power and authority. Our spirits must overpower our bodies and be in control. The one thing he said that stuck out to me is that my Father in Heaven is proud of me and will not give up on me. As long as we try our best the Lord will never give up on us. Imagine a baby trying to take it's first steps when it falls down it gets right back up and tries again. The baby would either get back up by itself or the parents would help it back up on its feet. You never yell at the baby and say "Come on why can't you walk? You are taking way too long!!" the Lord likewise won't say these things but He will wait patiently and succor to our calls. He will even cry with us in hard times just like He wept with Martha when Lazarus died. We obviously won't see Him crying but He is and hates to see us fail or to see us sad because He wants us to become like him. So lets go out there and be like that determined baby who gets right back up!!!! 

Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!

Elder Picard 

A famous Picard family quote was started by DJ when he was just a little guy when we drove around looking at Christmas lights he said "It's not about the lights, it's about the love."

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