Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 85 February 15, 2016 "Don't worry, be happy"

     Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! I can't believe you are a teenager. You are still my baby sister but you aren't so much of a baby anymore :( I guess it is okay though because you are great and have been doing so awesome. I mean when I was your age the last thing I was thinking about was going to 13 temples before my 13th birthday! Way to be sis :) I didn't even realize yesterday was Valentines Day till about half way through the day. Days just all blend together and sometimes you don't even realize it is Sunday until you are sitting in church. I hope you all had a great Valentines Day and ate lots of yummy goodies. Also Happy Birthday Grandpa Rod!! I don't know if Grandpa will read this so please let him know that I say Happy Birthday. I sent Elizabeth a picture through a members phone on Facebook so I hope she got that. There should also be something in the mail for her too. Have you gotten anything yet? If not it should be there soon. This past week was great! Abby, our Nigerian investigator, is getting baptized on March 13! We also now thanks to Abby for giving us two referrals have 2 investigators from Cameroon who even came to church yesterday! Right now we have 5 foreign investigators but no Koreans yet :( We are trying to find Koreans and have a lot of potentials now we just gotta get them to become investigators. I would say we are doing pretty good here and I am pretty stoked Abby is getting baptized! If only her husband wasn't so busy and didnt work so far away we could teach him too. 

      Like I said in my recording this week it was Solar last week which is a pretty big Korean holiday. We had a Solar Conference and since Elder Ely, one of my previous comps, is going home he did his farewell talk. The message I want to share is something he said  that I really liked. He said that "We are all supposed to be lights on the hill and we can't be those lights if we are sad." He emphasized on how important it is to be happy all of the time. I agree 100% you can't do anything if you are sad. You being sad will just make others sad. The sad I mean is out of anger, frustration, anxiety, etc. Obviously not the sad if someone dies but the other kind of sad. A more easy way to say it is just don't be unhappy. Like everyone says "A smile is contagious and a sad face is too." That is why we just gotta be happy. Especially as a missionary I have learned that being happy is way better and you work a lot more effectively. Obviously I am still working on being an optimist and always having a smile on my face just as you all probably all. So lets all just try and be happy. Doing so will make nonmembers wonder how us Mormons are so happy all of the time. Which then opens the door to share the gospel and help in changing lives!

Elder Picard

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