Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 86, February 22, 2016 "We will never be perfect but that shouldn't stop you from trying to reach perfection" was having some problems last week so sorry if you didn't get my email. The scariest thing is my Mom may kill me now because she had to go one week without an email from me. I will try and continue to send a good email every week till I come home but if I don't, cut me some slack please :) I can type decently fast but it is still really hard to send out a long email with the time limit we are given. Also another hard thing to do is make sure that I actually make sense because I can't really express my feelings and thoughts well in English. Not saying that I do it perfectly in Korean either just with two languages in my head I feel like I don't make sense a lot. So hopefully my Mom reads these emails and edits them before see puts them on my blog or I will sound like a dummy that can't speak English. 

     This week was great. We didn't have pday on Monday because of Temple Day. So last Monday we went to go play basketball with Christian's step son, John, but when we got to the base gym there was a big wrestling match going on. I saw a bunch of high school kids and it was very interesting watching high schoolers from a non highschooler point of view. Let me tell you man are some high school kids cocky, dumb, weird, etc. That is life for you I guess you just have to love everyone no matter what. I was probably the cocky and dumb highschooler so it was kind of fun to look back and just laugh at the past. It is situations like that where I realize how much I have changed and all. Everytime I hear rap music that swears every 4 words on the street I am like wow I don't think I knew it said that when I listened to it in highschool. Life is awesome! I love life because it is a growing process. We will never be perfect but that shouldn't stop you from trying to reach perfection. Jesus Christ reached perfection and he expects all of us each and everyday to try for perfection. Even if we never get close, as long as we try our very hardest I feel everything will be alright and Christ will make up for our imperfections in the end. We may not be able to be perfect in this life but the thought of being perfect in the next life should push us each and every day to do our very best. 

      We taught Abby and her husband Ola last night and wow was that such a spiritual lesson. We taught with the Brooke's Family and they did awesome helping us teach. Ola came first and ate dinner with us and then Abby joined us later on. Sister Brookes never served a mission but man was she a good teacher. She was able to connect with Abby really well. Maybe because she was a convert she could relate more than we could. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end of the lesson challenged Ola to get baptized on March 13th with Abby. And guess what? He accepted!! So now we have 2 baptismal dates!! We had to go pick up Abby so while we were gone Sister Brookes caught up Ola on the first two lessons. Abby also taught Ola like every time after we met her. Since Ola works a ton and his job is like 4 hours away we have only seen him a few times. They both came to church yesterday and loved it. We are meeting Abby again tonight and I can't wait because Abby is awesome!! I have a testimony that the Lord prepares people to teach. I know that He prepared Abby and Ola and I know that there are many more people all around the world that He has prepared. Talk with everyone!! Everyone needs the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to all questions. Some people don't know that though so it is our job to teach them. Who knew that simply complimenting a man's shoes on the bus would lead to him and his wife committed to getting baptized 2 months later!!

Elder Picard

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