Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 84 February 8, 2016 "My first week of February 2016 was a great one!"

     My first week of February 2016 was a great one! The Elders in my house have been telling that I can't tell you guys everything that happens because if I do I wont have any stories to tell when I get home. They have a good point so my recordings and emails will be a little shorter. I for sure will mention miracles and other cool things in my recording but some things will just have to be left a surprise I can tell you in 5 months:) On Saturday we went to this cultural exchange on the base and it turned out to be super good. We didn't proselyte much about the church because that is illegal on base but we found a bunch of families that were interested in doing the family English program. With Solar being this week it will be hard to meet them but we for sure will meet them next week. The work is going really well here in Pyeongtaek. Abby and Simon are doing great. We are going to try and put both of them on date this week. I think for sure Abby will accept because she seems so ready but I think our other investigator, Simon, might take a little more time. I am doing great and Elder Andersen and I get along well so that is always a good thing. It is nice when you and your comp have no problems. All of you reading this that have served missions probably understand what I am saying haha. I am excited for a new week, especially with Solar it should be extra fun this week. 

      I was reading today in Isaiah 53 and I had a ton of things stick out to me about the Atonement. I think if you all read Isaiah 53 you would be able to say the exact same thing (also take a look at Mosiah 14). Every time I find a cross reference from the Book of Mormon to the Bible it reassures me that the Book of Mormon is true. Half the time I can't understand what it says in the Bible but then when I look at the cross reference in the Book of Mormon it is always a lot easier to understand. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know it supports the Bible and helps fulfill the truths the Bible doesn't cover fully. I also know that Jesus Christ gave His soul so that we can be forgiven of our sins and live with Him again. This is such a big blessing. I am so grateful for all Jesus Christ has done for me and for all the hard times I have been given throughout my life that have helped me grow.

Elder Picard

P.S. Happy early Birthday Elizabeth!!!!!

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