Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 80 January 11, 2016 "Well folks my Mom is 50!"

     Well folks my Mom is 50! She may be getting old but she sure doesn't look old. My parents are just too beautiful to look old. I can't believe Elizabeth turns 13 in a little over a month, that is crazy!! I still remember when she was the cutest little baby sister, why do they have to grow up? :( She is still the cutest and best baby sister though. It sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas season and I was glad to hear that. My last Christmas season as a missionary was also amazing!! Seocho ward is the best and I don't want to leave. We get transfer calls this week and since I have been here for 4 transfers already and only have 4 transfers remaining I think I will be off to my last area. I would love to stay in Seocho for the rest of my mission or at least 2 more but that most likely won't happen :( Seocho ward has spoiled me so much and I ate like a king here. I didn't just eat like a king but also learned a lot from serving in this ward. Seocho ward is full of supermembers that love the gospel so much and are always willing to help us missionaries out. It is such a blessing when members help us out because us foreigners can only teach so well in Korean. Plus this is the first ward I got a baptism in. Out of the 4 transfers I have been here we had 3 baptisms so that was pretty sweet. We have a few guys that are retired that always come to the call even if we call last minute needing help teaching someone. Missionary work progressing okay with just missionaries but with members helping that is when the work flourishes and hastens the most. I cant wait to get home and be a member missionary. Come to find out being a member missionary isn't as hard as I thought. I of course will finish off strong and work my butt off in Korea but I can't wait to go home and help my friends come to know about this gospel and more importantly come to know Jesus Christ and His importance in our lives. 

      God truly is good. I have realized this on my mission more than ever in my lifetime. I know He is always there and will help us all the time. "When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is remember the teacher is always quiet during the test." I came across this quote and was like "Wow that's deep" but man is it true. God is our Mighty Teacher and He knows what we can handle. Even if our mortal human minds can't grasp everything He can. So for that reason we have no need to worry. I love my Heavenly Father and am grateful for all of the hard times. I for sure am not too grateful for them during them but after I always realize how loved and blessed I am. 

Elder Picard

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